Ultra-Aggressive Opening Against the Pirc Defense – TRAPS INCLUDED

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  1. Claw or jaw, both are sharp. Play sharp, play smart, play the Lions Jaw πŸ™‚

  2. That was extremely helpful Maestro. Thank you. Im trying to resurrect my game and am rusty and at a tremendous disadvantage in that Im not as versed as many regarding technology. However I got to 2100 with very little tutoring and looking forward to studying the basic laws of chess that failed to learn as a youngster when I chose music over "chess" as a way of life, keeping chess as a hobby….What can I say?!…Ever the practical Lad LOLI am ever so grateful for this YouTube channel, as it wasnt even around when I was playing chess seriously. Thats how "old" I am….But I intend to get my "Experts" title as I believe thats a reasonable goal, having defeated enough Experts and IMs to justify such an ambitious design.What I need is a "Teacher"….Thanks againCheers.PS. Stay just as you are, the world, especially the "Chess" world has enough prima donnas in it and as a result you Sir stand out rather nicely

  3. I know this as the 150 attack. As black, soon as I see f3 or Be3, it's a queen side pawn storm for me.

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