Ultra-Aggressive Opening Against the Pirc Defense – TRAPS INCLUDED

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  1. Claw or jaw, both are sharp. Play sharp, play smart, play the Lions Jaw πŸ™‚

  2. That was extremely helpful Maestro. Thank you. Im trying to resurrect my game and am rusty and at a tremendous disadvantage in that Im not as versed as many regarding technology. However I got to 2100 with very little tutoring and looking forward to studying the basic laws of chess that failed to learn as a youngster when I chose music over "chess" as a way of life, keeping chess as a hobby….What can I say?!…Ever the practical Lad LOLI am ever so grateful for this YouTube channel, as it wasnt even around when I was playing chess seriously. Thats how "old" I am….But I intend to get my "Experts" title as I believe thats a reasonable goal, having defeated enough Experts and IMs to justify such an ambitious design.What I need is a "Teacher"….Thanks againCheers.PS. Stay just as you are, the world, especially the "Chess" world has enough prima donnas in it and as a result you Sir stand out rather nicely

  3. I know this as the 150 attack. As black, soon as I see f3 or Be3, it's a queen side pawn storm for me.

  4. Its playable but too easy to counter and if black knows how to defend, which isn't hard to learn in this line, and white gave up his advantage for nothing. Maybe this is good for quick games. Would not recommend for OTB classical.

  5. I just checkmated my opponent using this line against the Pirc. H4 was an inaccuracy. Lol

  6. When white goes for that sort of set up, I would probably go for the Czech Pirc, or delay castling kingside, and perhaps castle queenside.

  7. If you combine the knowledge of the elephant gambit and the lion's jaw opening it gets really though to counter just saying that other opening's can be another opening's back up plan πŸ™‚

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