Ultra-Aggressive Opening Against the Pirc Defense – TRAPS INCLUDED

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  1. day 2 of asking, a great video idea would be that you have to beat martin but he has two kings you have to checkmate. great video very useful!

  2. Some nice attacking ideas, though I think the traps in the byrne variation (Nc3 Bg5) with 5.e5 are more practical.

  3. Cool thumbnails on this and the snake/English video! 👍👍

  4. 10:32 Is taking the e6 pawn not stranger that playing g5? And I know no opponent rated over 500 who would give that pawn away without there being a reason.

  5. I wonder how the Lion's Jaw would work against any other 1…d6 response by black? Like the Karo-Cann…

  6. how come he didn't say "take care" in the end as usual 😂

  7. Pirc is pronounced like “Peerts.” Also, interesting opening. I’ve been playing f4, the Austrian Attack, instead of f3.

  8. How do I submit my game? Someone was pissed once XD

  9. As someone who pre-moves the pirc in blitz I can confirm that if I see that battery lining up I will not castle kingside, learnt from experience.

  10. “This is what they have been programmed to do” 😂 somebod does not like the opening!

  11. I discovered this line by accident right before my lesson for chess club. The kids loved it because the name sounds cool, it works, it has good results, and it's aggressive. Interesting that you found it as well.

  12. I prefer to develop more pieces before attacking.

  13. Sometimes the strange move is the hidden killer move.

  14. Qg5 is wining move we sacrificed our rook and take black knight

  15. Hey Nelson, could you cover the Rousseau Gambit? It comes out of the Italian Game when Black plays F5 on their third move.

  16. hey chess vibes, a 1000 elo chess player this side. Can you tell me what animation, chess pieces and board do you use? Thank you.

  17. just won my first game with this today, works like a charm ✨ 👍🏽

  18. YouTube question: You've really upped your Thumbnail game! Are you using an AI generator? Which one?

  19. Vasja Pirc was my grand grand father.
    my grandpa (his son) is teaching me chess.

  20. i somehow use this move during sicilian defense

  21. If you play 3. f3 – avoiding the main line – you may catch some Pirc players off guard, but the downside is they haven't committed their dark-squared Bishop to the fianchetto, so they could shift toward center play with 3…e5 4. d5 Be7. If you keep the main line 3. Nc3 g6, then they've committed g7 for their Bishop. THEN 4. f3 followed by Be3/Qd2/O-O-O is called the "150 Attack." Pirc players may be a bit more prepared for it, but you waited for them to commit to the fianchetto.

  22. All the Pirc players are offended that you pronounced it wrong, and that you said we don't like to think, including me! lol jk.
    If you're watching this you'll definitely catch a few Pirc players off guard, but be prepared for the lines other lines as well, just in case.
    Thanks, Nelson, for helping me not fall for this trap. 🙂

  23. I don't fianchetto the bishop when I play the pirc I play the black lion defense out of the pirc

  24. what if I play pirc defense: czech defense?

  25. WOW!! Great video!! IN SPANISH: El ataque de la mandíbula del león!

  26. Your latest thumbnails are on the next level, You must be using AI in very creative way. Keep it up , I love your videos.

  27. Who comes up with these exotic names for openings?

  28. I play the Pirc (pronounced like pierce but with tz) and I think you've missed something important, which is 3. f3 Nbd7 and later not Bg7 but Be7. The main setup allows white to initially claim a big center but then plays to undermine it with moves like c6 and a6/b5.

  29. I'm always or most do piece defense🤔

  30. I feel like I’ve played this with white before.

  31. Can you use the same idea against the Kings Indian Attack?

  32. The problem here is that, at 3:31, most well prepared Pirc players are not going to fianchetto the bishop, and are instead going to begin an immediate queenside pawn storm, preparing for White to castle long.

  33. as a pirc player who dont know about lions jawman it was really scary to play against it but now i can

  34. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This is an amazing video actually. I came here after the engine said the opening was Pirc defense, lions jaw and I was like noway this had a name do I came here to check what's up and I wasn't disappointed! We love you Nel. ❤

  37. I play the Pirc quite a bit, someone just played the Lions Jaw against me and it was a nightmare. I now play this against the Pirc in blitz. It all just flows together naturally. Cheers Nelson. Get well soon man.

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