When You Play VERTICAL CHESS | Chess Memes #11
In this video the pieces play VERTICAL CHESS!! The following game contains funny blunders and a brilliant move!


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This channel is inspired by my favorite youtuber Top Chess I love making video about chess and memes. I make commentary for funny chess games, with blunders, brilliant moves and checkmates.


  1. Bro each should have two queens because the pawn is at the end of the board

  2. Thanks for giving me a good video! I'm some chess players that I can try with

  3. Is just my phone or did the music cut the audio twice

  4. guys no one relised that we can check mate with a knight in 3 moves without removing any pawns

  5. Video was awesome but the sound-cut in the middle of the video was not good

  6. Who found the mistake betweean king and queen

  7. 2:45 couldn’t black just take the knight now? Nothing’s stoping him.

  8. There’s a lot of music so it’s really annoying plus top chess is the bomb👎🏻

  9. Theres a lot of music so it’s really annoying,plus,top chess is the bomb💣

  10. Why was there piano music in the middle of the video?

  11. wasn't black knight to d3 winning like 100 times

  12. I love how the bisshop talks like jau

  13. 😎😎vertical chess actually is just normal chess cause players must also rotate 90 degrees😎😎

  14. In the begining. When pawn takes back the queen he shoulda promoted😅

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