When You Play VERTICAL CHESS | Chess Memes #11
In this video the pieces play VERTICAL CHESS!! The following game contains funny blunders and a brilliant move!


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This channel is inspired by my favorite youtuber Top Chess I love making video about chess and memes. I make commentary for funny chess games, with blunders, brilliant moves and checkmates.


  1. I love the Indian accent text-to-speech

  2. I like how he is like top chess but he makes the start with a nice twist

  3. why did white do Call the ambulance but not for me gambit

  4. Lol fact if the knight take the white knight af 2.46 and then take the pawn by bishop its already mate

  5. I'm wondering, how do people play with these pieces?

  6. Underrated fucking channel bro this is literally the channel that got me into Chess XD

  7. The Bishop voice look like certain nationality

    I wonder which one

  8. 3:41 Wtf? Just allow him to trade knights, then by taking with the pawn you open up your side and continue blocking the check.
    Moves here instead of randomly giving up the knight: White rook, black knight threat, white rook, black takes knight, white takes with pawn, oh wait nvm pawns move weird. White and black pawns should both move in the same direction

  9. 2:44 Gives up a knight. Could've just moved a rook back and forth pointlessly and then traded knights or smth


  11. This just looks exactly like a video from top Chess

  12. 2:53 bruh why didnt ya take the knight it was free and and you could have threatened checkmate

  13. I tought there was lot of smothered mates because i didnt know that pawns can still take it confuses my brain until I saw that pawn takes knight

  14. Me watching this horizontally
    (Wait what’s the difference)

  15. Can we get top chess
    Mom: no, we have top chess at home
    Top chess at home:

  16. 2:45 why didn't black just take the withe knight? I mean from that point it would've been over for white.

  17. th͍͒ẽ͔ l̨̠̃̚o̲̘͗̊sṫ͈̟̚ on̻̂ê̼s̖̈ says:

    or smth lol

  18. th͍͒ẽ͔ l̨̠̃̚o̲̘͗̊sṫ͈̟̚ on̻̂ê̼s̖̈ says:

    when the bishoop says fork why does it sound like fuck

  19. i thought he was gonna go near promotion at the end of the vid

  20. I've thought about doing a variation where the board rotates 90° every 5 turns, but the pawns' directionality doesn't (so basically A-H and 1-8 stay the same) I'd call it Gravity Chess 😁

  21. lol in vertical chess front pawn is already promoted🤣🤣🤣

  22. 4:28 are you forking kidding me?
    This is not a forked you fool.

  23. Bonetrousle. Ghost Fight. Death by Glamour. Megalovania. Why are Undertale songs so popular in chess meme videos?

  24. white can win without sacrifice the knight

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