Viswanathan Anand On Praggnanandhaa’s Chess World Cup Loss: He Fought Well | BQ Prime

Former five-time World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand praises Praggnanandhaa’s game as the 18-year-old loses to Magnus Carlsen in Fide World Cup. “We are seeing a new star,” Anand said.

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  1. Anand is world class, not only in chess but also as a human being

  2. love to see you doing well.
    Your legacy would be remembered in annuls of indian sports

  3. Its not that easy to catch up with the accomplishments of the Indian chess behemoth.

  4. " he was the first… after me" <—that kinda doesn't make him first.

  5. PRAGG is my favourite chess player after VISHY

  6. It's a lot of "me" from anand……i believe every chess legend goes crazy at some point

  7. I love how anand promotes chess in India and supports the youngsters throughout

  8. I hope he will many world championship in the future

  9. After me 😂😂😂😂😂
    Har baat mei after me bolna jaruri tha😂😂😂
    Shows he is motivating the guy, but still also showing his arrogance.
    I mean if you are such a chess schollar, obviously you deserve to hold such arrogance.
    Happy for vishy and prags

  10. Vishy always has that Indian father vibe about him, Gotta love it!

  11. ThankYou Sir GM Anand for the Guiding Words for the Young Star to Shine in the Worldcup.aeound the corner.
    This is a way to help.the younger generation.and Hopes high

  12. i just love how he says "first indian after me"🤣🤣

  13. All the recent GMs of India have drawn inspiration from Anand. He is the god father of Indian Chess

  14. Congratulations 🎉 29/8/23🇮🇳🗺️

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  16. Big ego anand tries to justify pragg's defeat do to fatigue without giving any credit to the brilliant play by Magnus with the black pieces. anand is a pretty disgruntled chess player who was also defeated by Magnus.

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