Want to be 700 Chess Elo?

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  1. Frank is a true god. He makes people laugh,rage quit and he makes a legendary speech while taking someone's queen.

  2. 🍑TАP T0 НAVE S*Х WIТ' МE🍑 says:

    Frank is like a machine on the chess board

  3. once frank reaches a 1500, you should coach orbital

  4. 🍑TАP T0 НAVE S*Х WIТ' МE🍑 says:

    You may dance like no one's watching, but everyone's watching because you're mesmerizing.

  5. I was inspired to start chess by my dad in 2015 and quit in 2017. Started again during the pandemic because of hikaru and i quit in 2022. Now Im inspired again by levy hope I dont quit in a few years thanks levy.

  6. keep these Frank collab videos coming, you are the most iconic duo in chess history

  7. all i'm saying is i haven't seen these so-called grandmasters double their elo in a month.

  8. Levy you probably smell like a wet napkin. Naroditsky is better than you.

  9. As a chess, I can confirm that frank broke me

  10. Bro I got 500 elo to 870 elo in a month and then my tilt began I went from 870 to 700 I was so frustrated and deleted my chess acc😢 going to start again

  11. people who know the orignal title are og viewers

  12. Watching Frank makes me feel smart and entertained

  13. It's ok to put videos for content…but we want to see good chess too…can't handle 3 nonsense videos in a row ..

  14. Frank scared to play me. I challenge him to a game of chess after the first video but he kept declining my challenge 😂

  15. Frank and gotham are just like samay and sagar

  16. why do you keep trying to force Frank down our throats? he isn't funny

  17. Thanks Levi, I followed your advice and I’ve lost 300 rating points and am now at 700!!

  18. I feel like Frank is gonna get to 2000 faster than I will

  19. Ah yes, regressing back to 700 after finally reaching 1700, just what I wanted (frank is still a legend tho)

  20. He has a lot of potential, to be frank with you.

  21. Look at my elo I started in february 19 and now i am 1000 (Filipinos 23)

  22. Only the real ones know gotham has changed the title of this video

  23. Next up, Frank vs. chatgpt. I want to see what Frank writes. 🙂

  24. As a 1900, I'm glad I reached 700, thank you !

  25. Bro really started farming lil dude for views

  26. This video is not silly at all. Improving chess ftw! Keep up awesome content.

  27. I always thought he was a meme but he is actuallt getting good now

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