What is a Blunder In Chess?

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  1. Im the embodiment of why stalemate exist…

  2. In other words, blunder is "what the f**k are you doing?", while inaccuracies are "there's a better move than that, but ok." and mistake is self explanatory.

  3. Bro 1 minute chess its hard to find a blunder you know if you have so little time

  4. a couple days ago i was at chess club playing this kid, i could’ve taken his pawn but instead i went to fork his king and rook, what i forgot about was his queen 3 squares away that swooped in and snatched up my knight, i felt pretty stupid after it because i was winning before i blundered my knight

  5. A blunder is very easy to define. Every move I make after the first three moves.

  6. this is why i want an omegle like chess site where your play speed chess while looking at your opponents webcam

  7. regarding that Magnus blunder, some ppl still think it was caused by Robert Hess xddd

  8. I made too many blunders that my hair went bald after playing online chess for a week. 😂

  9. No one:
    Stockfish: that's a stupid blunder of a single pawn.
    Me: so that not a mistake like every other time I blundered a pawn
    Stockfish: no! Most certainly not.

  10. I become very happy when I play a game with 0 blunder,0 mistakes and 0 missed wins

  11. my opponent didn't stop mate and it's only mistake. 😅😅

  12. "Allowing yourself to be checkmated on the next turn," bro Stockfish is always saying my opp makes an inaccuracy when I have mate the next turn

  13. If i blunder i'm telling my self please you didn't see that 😆🤦

  14. Isn't the second "missing taking a free piece" a miss now?

  15. I won a game with 13 blunders lmaooooo

  16. Any move that turns a drawn position into into a losing one, or a winning position into a drawn or losing one.

  17. I've just Started playing Chess and I'm only 497 elo And I've improved (yes I liked my comment)

  18. i forgot what game i searched for it but i didnt find it but it had 25 blunders i dont know how i got to elite leuge but i still a 200 elo

  19. one time i allowed the opponent to force checkmate me and it was only a mistake

  20. Since watching this video I haven't blundered at all

  21. me sacrificing a ROOOOOOOOOOOOOCK for absolutely no reason and thinking i made a good move

  22. You are teaching the master him self 💀

  23. Is this guy some kind of expert on blunders?? Do we really need this explanation 🤔

  24. One time i was going to do mate in 1 but then the computer lagged and then my queen landed 2 squares away from the checkmate then I lost my queen and resigned

  25. let me hire hikaru Nakamura, i will ask him even starting the game (e4 , d4 ,etc.

  26. if you ever feel bad for blundering, just remember alphazero has blundered before, and thats the best chess computer in the world

  27. yeah yeah but when a gm "blunders" a piece its brilliant… 🙄

  28. when u lose a piece for free but allows u to checkmate ur enemy in next move, it's brilliant guys

  29. It is an unexpected wasting moved….we forgot the follow up moves….just always think when we are in attacking by our opponents….always say to our self what is the good moved..in my pieces im attacking with my opponent…😊😊😊

  30. I had so many blunders , but I have learned a lot from them.

  31. if i get 1 dollar for one blunder, id be a billionaire

  32. My obvious blunder check: "oh he can take my queen, i cant do that."
    Magnus obvious blunder check: "oh he can create a mating net in 12 moves, i cant do that"

  33. Every time I blunder I wonder if I have a mental illness

  34. those are not blunders, they are gambits or sacrifices.

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