What happened to Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. Love when Levy says Magnus immediately makes a move, when he spent 3 minutes on it

  2. Death once had a Near-Magnus Carlsen-experience.

  3. hot take, eastern european ELOs are not as inflated as Western/US

  4. Huge props for pronoucing their names correctly. I am polish and I know its not easy, but you did great

  5. Yes the era is ending, and he's kinda choosing it himself no? New things to do it seems.
    It happens 😛

  6. The min he said Polish defence in Poland, i knew exactly Magnus was normal.

  7. I heard on Agad's channel that everyone was shocked a while ago because Magnus lost two games in a row which hadn't happened in many many years.

  8. Since you like MMA analogy's so much, it's like when every unbeatable champion loses. Honda Rousey, is a good example she started doing movies, overlooking opponents because she was running through everyone easy, and lost to Holly Holms, This happens a lot to long reigning champions when they start looking past their opponent instead of focusing on them.

  9. The slander to the celtics is crazy but they are finished

  10. Fascinating, even he has to study up to be at the desired level. And when he doesn't, he falls off.

  11. Celtics caught a stray💀 Nvm even two strays☠

  12. "Magnus took the wok to Poland" lmaooo

  13. The way you roasted the Boston Celtics 😂😆

  14. Hair is looking phenomenally aerodynamic today 10/10

  15. He mastered chess, there are no more mountains to climb there.

  16. Polish defense not being a good defense, how ironic

  17. I thought I was watching a repeat video but realized Hikaru covered this game last night.

    Isn’t the polish opening the worst opening in chess? Like it used to be called the orangutan? Then changed to polish? That’s mean AF btw. Lol.

  18. Magnus doesnt win:


  19. I hope Magnus plays more pro chess…

    So Levy will cover more high level chess events.

  20. 18:13 "I'm not going to be the guy that's like 'What's happening..?'" (looks at title of video)

  21. He couldn't recover from being defeated by a certain type of beads

  22. Rank number 1 isn't an achievement. It's a prison, which forces you to dedicate your life to a temporary title.

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