What happened to Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. W Levy for hating on the celtics, Up the Heat🗣

  2. Nobody’s gonna talk about the abnormal long stare?

  3. Obviously, I mean no disrespect to you when I say this but who cares? If I was MC, I'd be so tired of this, honestly. He's former WCC, that's that. For reasons we may never know, he did not play. That's all we need to know and care about. I get you're a content creator, but this isn't content. Oh wow Magnus no win some games. Ok nice. Make some more clickbait. Farm some views. Engage my brain. Not this. This is boring.

  4. Magnus Carlsen is a human being, regardless of what you all think. There will be some off days for him, there will be tournaments where he ends up just average. It's vastly unreasonable to expect him to constantly perform above everyone else without missing a beat, as if the competition wasn't already super stiff.

  5. He is just having fun, trying new things — stretching out. Sorta of boring doing the same things, same people. There are other mountains

  6. Magnus is goated. Now he's entering his gigachad form.

  7. I want you to know i only disliked for the celtics jokes, great vid but i am copeing and seething rn


  9. Playing Polish in Poland against Polish GM 🤣 That is some next level of trolling 😅

  10. In the 2nd match see how much time magnus used 😮

  11. Magnus is like connor mcgregor. Great once, just drinks and parties and wonders why the hell he's not super awesome anymore.

  12. Remembered what happend to Bobby? I fear for Magnus.

  13. Magnus Carlsen has probably won so many games and championships, he's reached the point where he is just playing whatever, and then seeing what he can do from there.

  14. I quit chess 2 months ago because I was losing left and right. Then Magnus here started to play poker instead of chess because he was bored ofalmost winning all the time

  15. You hurt my feelings about that Boston Celtics shit man! That was not expected

  16. as a nba & chess fan, the celtics diss at 1:30 had me weak 🤣🤣

  17. The "era" started to end when Magnus didn't compete in and defend the world championship.

  18. Chess game's most relevant bad boy

  19. Magnus getting bored of his lack of true competition, and is letting his chess slip.
    he will probably learn a bit from this and realise he cant sacrifice chess time and still expect to dominate

  20. Good for him making moves off the board.

  21. Well magnus should be happy alot of the better players arent even in this tournament hikaru fabi ect. Oneday gotham might be a GM nah haha

  22. I think magnus is making a mistake here, instead of nerfing himself to play other gms, he’s gotta buff himself to play against the real chess final boss: stockfish.

  23. the celtics did not need to catch strays at the end there 🤣🤣

  24. I'm sure there's many factors at play, including a decrease in his competitive spirit for the game, and perhaps even a decline in passion. Of course I'm sure he loves the game still, but it'd make sense given the recent history. Just let the man play and enjoy his game, I'm sure if he takes some time to relax and decides to focus and devote to this game he'll be at #1 again in no time. Hopefully he doesn't lose confidence and think he's "lost it", and that he isn't giving up out of fear of being defeated when he's trying his best, but rather that he's moving on to other things.

  25. Heyyyyy fuck you talkin bout my Celtics like that 😂

  26. He’s bored and checked out. He probably figures he’s slowly declining so there’s no more mountains to climb so might as well enjoy his life and not study all the time. Chess is lucrative now so he can enjoy being a multi-millionaire while just mailing it in. He even said he’d only play the world championship if alireza was the challenger because then it’d be interesting for him and he’d devote his time to study.

  27. He should’ve played the Magnus Carlsen Gambit 😂😂😂

  28. yeah i think magnus is probably not too worried about playing "correct" chess but more self-serving chess. whether its more fun or interesting idk, but he's obviously not trying to win through traditional methods and i think that much is clear

  29. 7:50 if the knight wasnt on e6 there couldve been a really cool queen sac on d5

  30. The answer to your question, yes the era is ending, but it's ending on HIS terms.

  31. Magnus going a bit Fischer. Opting to become one of the worst poker player in the world, a real whale ready to give away all his tournament winnings to anyone. Trying to get coaching from the Botez sisters because he's no match to Alexandra really. It's like when Michael Jordan decided to try baseball. Just why?

    It makes a mockery of the world championship, where nobody can say the best man is world champion now. At least when Fischer retired early, Karpov won… and nobody would argue that Karpov didn't deserve his spot. Now it's all weird, with Carlsen deciding to become crazy like Fischer and instead of turning to the Global Jewish Conspiracy shtick, he's on to match Phil Hellmuth trash talking.

  32. He's just getting interested in other things. At some point, something will pique his interest in chess, and he'll get into form. When he wants. But meanwhile, now's the time for his peers to try to beat him down. 😉

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