What happened to Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. Day 1 of asking GothamChess to use music to his videos

  2. word magnus in the video and 1M views guaranteed

  3. 5 turns 10 min to 1 min, instanly turned into a blitz

  4. Yes to more recaps! Fabi just DESTROYED in his last tournament and deserved some cred.

  5. Magnus is turning into his alter ego, no other than: Hans Niemann

  6. Does anyone know how to submit a game to GothamChess? I just got two brilliants in a game at 820 rated, I don’t know whether that’s worth submitting, but I’m very proud of it so any help would be nice!

  7. "I'm not gonna be the guy that says what's happening"

    Title: what happened to Magnus?

  8. The Celtics really are done if even Gotham starts making fun of them

  9. 9:00 Magnus immediately plays Qb8 after 3 minutes of immediate thinking

  10. 19:34 I think Levy took that personality because Magnus Carlson lose
    BTW love your channel

  11. Let's cut Magnus some slacks tbh like he doesn't want to be the next Bobby Fischer

  12. Dude, hes becoming a drunk poker player. He quit the WCC because he didnt want to lose it. Either way thatbis the pussy way out. That is weak. Hes no champion. He quit the WC because it was to hard and to kuch to lose. This is what he gets. Washed up Maggie😂

  13. can levy shut the fuck up about boston please bro i dont wanna hear my friends and not my chess friend either

  14. the real champ doesn't whatever the fook he wants.

  15. At least he didn't play the Magnus gambit 🤣

  16. it is wild he is so good when he doesnt stomp some of the best players in the world we assume catastrophe

  17. maybe the real magnus was the friends we made along the way

  18. Levy I finally reached 1000 elo and it is all thanks to you, your videos really help me a lot to think that in February I was at 407 elo you’re a amazing teacher🫡 sorry for my bad English and I hope in the future u will reach GM status

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