Why Achraf Hakimi Is NOT Playing 4D Chess


  1. Either way she deserves none of his wealth as she's had no contribution to it and married him only for his money

  2. He is playing 4d chess did you throw up?

  3. I don't think he cheated but the people celebrating him for "Cheating" are dumb fucks

  4. Hakimi is playing 4D chess😏

  5. Bro is a femenist 🤣🤣 chill hakimi was accused with rape and its not true his snake wife tried to be a victim and filled a divorce to take half of his money just cuz she's his wife for 3 years? Shut up and keep u mouth away

  6. How is hakimi supposed to cheat, he is literally a muslim
    Plus why would he choose a side bitch over his wife,kids and money??

  7. Hes playing 4d ch-

    Jk, i love your content.

  8. The kind of player Jose Morinho likes😂

  9. well you're entitled to your opinions we just dont wanna take it

    Hakimi is playing 4D chess 🔥🔥🔥😭🔥🔥🔥

  10. Finally some one sane . I was disgusted through out of it and the fact that he had rape charges on him . Ew

  11. Forget the cringe kids but i never understand why 50% of the mans money given to the woman for just being married?

    Also if the accusation been more than a month and not the slightest evidence could be found why would i believe this accusation just because it is a sensetive subject
    Wether the kids liked it or not

  12. Dude ur head is full of air, nobody is celebrating him cheating stop changing the facts all we are talking about is he doesn’t have to share 50% of his wealth (if the info is true) you with your damn big mouth ain’t gonna be saying shit when it’s your 50% being shared

  13. Despite his wife being older SHE was the on to file for a divorce on the charge rape

  14. Bro roasted the 14 yrs boyz 😂😂😂

  15. Dude see the hakimi comments and decide to teach this so called idiot fans a lesson
    Hats off man😊

  16. I heard this story all over Instagram I was confused but didn't think much about it till I saw the comments and realize how toxic the internet is with all these idiots

  17. Hey bro love your content. I'm a bit confused tho, I hope you can clear my doubts 😊. So did Hakimi actually win the case or has it not been determined yet? Are his belongings (money and all that) actually under his mother's name or is it his? Even if it is under his mom's name, does it help in the court case? Thanks 👍 (And yes I'm a 15 year old so please do annihilate me in the replies 💀😭)

  18. ur a bitch fuck off ur just jealous u think tha that old harlot did not cheat on hakimi

  19. Bro, if i was you i would just block the comments. They mostly consist of 13 y olds being triggered by the truth, so let them be triggered without being able to complain. Ich hätte das alles auch auf deutsch schreiben können aber egal hahah:)

  20. Please make a video about how unpredictable is the Greek League

  21. but doesnt his mother truely owns almost all his wealth.

  22. Nah literally everyone is saying the same thing grown ass ppl to old ppl everyone making YouTube vids abt it and all the big news companies said it ! You’re just a clown hipster tryna be different or licking females asses so they’ll give u sum attention cuz you do really look feminine af guaranteed no bitches so this is a scream of desperation lmao what a clown

  23. Another reason to hate this freaking idiot

  24. Another reason to hate this freaking idiot

  25. Can you pls do a Dundee fc video it would make my life 😊

  26. The worst combo is a 14 yo kid repping Patrick Bateman calling every misogynist headline SIGMA
    They don't have a legit single source to back this "4D Chess" statement

  27. There is no cheating there and people are happy for hakimi because that shit happens a lot and it’s wrong

  28. Achraf Hakimi is playing 4D chess…..

    Did you throw up?

  29. Bro I'm a 14 year old subscriber and I laughed my ass of bc I know people like this , they also watch those " sigma male " videos 😂

  30. If he's not playing 4D chess then maybe 6D he's playing

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