Why Achraf Hakimi Is NOT Playing 4D Chess


  1. The Idea isn’t about cheating its about the stupid laws that allow some women’s that only get married so they could get outrageous settlements they don’t deserve I mean dude half of his wealth are they insane?

  2. Him: hakimi is playing 4D chess if I hear this phrase again I’m gonna throw up
    Me: hakimi is play 4D chess
    Hakimi is playing 4D chess😂😂

  3. He didn't explain the true story at all, just plain rant about football fans including himself😅

  4. Shut up 🤫 when u become a man u will know.

  5. Lol he cheated, but when his ex kissed/stripped/ f**&ed around on tv it was just proffesionalism

  6. They aren't celebrating his cheating nature. Nobody can verify those. They are celebrating the fact that his wife wasn't able to take unfair advantage of the situation

  7. Shit I just realised I hadn't subbed. Lol just did

  8. Well it turned-out that it wasn't fake 😂😂 and Why the fk a braindea.d person like you proudly wants to ruin careers of footballers bro's searching on British media

  9. Soon we'll see.. Fiago's mouth will be silent if Achraf Hakimi demands half of the property from his ex-wife.

  10. Notice how you missed the part were the "portion" of his wealth she was demamding was fucking half

  11. His wife divorced over a false rape allegation. She wanted the money. She wanted to get away with his money. And he won. He is am idol for men 🤣

  12. Every 14 year old watching this be like:💀

  13. Cheating is unacceptable. Neither is trying to take half of someone's assets that they built with hardwork while you profit of their fame

  14. At the age of 16, Achraf moved to Madrid and became the youngest ever player to sign a professional contract with the club. In 2018, Achraf Hakimi signed a two-year loan deal with German club Borussia Dortmund….. and that my friends is why his mother was made legal guardian and delt with his money because he was too young to know money. Simple as that. Also i think the signing age has been lowered to 14 years old. In spain they call it the baby clause so it makes sence that your parents would manage the childs financial affairs.

  15. Nothing to do with all of this we don't care if it's fake or not and we don't care if he cheated or not we loved the idea we finally found the pefect way to save our f moneyyy , oh god I love my motherr

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