What happened to Magnus Carlsen?

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  1. Chess is a two player game but Magnus Carlsen playing as one player.

  2. bostin celtics are about to win lol game 7

  3. Lmao jinxed everything
    Carlsen destroying everyone and Celtics back to 3-3
    Absolute jinx god

  4. Did something happen to Carlsen?
    -Carlsen, probably

  5. Um, might need to edit our the Boston comments..

  6. Your Boston Celtics comment didn’t age right! Haha 😂

  7. Magnus Carlson has turned into an alcoholic.

  8. just because he made this video… magnus returned

  9. getting old, raw skill is useless if not perfected.

  10. all i know is anal beads.

  11. set for life. Why would he care?. Or, he knew Ding would whip him (trigger flame war). He has done histime in the trenches and is now playing Chess how most of us play Chess. For fun. All openings, all defences. To hell with Berlin, to hell with slav.

  12. Celtics comment aged like cheese but good video 😂

  13. Best outro : just pure get out of here
    Im touched

  14. Magnus is on the verge of being swept up by some girl and getting a quick course in diaper change.

  15. I think that Magnus doesn't play chess for any title or ranking. He's playing it because he enjoys playing chess. Facing strong opponents and giving your best. But when he has to play chess out of necessity (for his legacy) he doesn't really care that much.

  16. i came from the future, he won the tournament

  17. Maybe he was sarcastic and showing the Polish defense is losing, even for the best player in the world. WW2 joke? Haha?

  18. burnout happens to many people at one point or another i think..

  19. Bro and magnus won it in the end, haters gonna hate

  20. question of the day may 26th , 2023 : are the celtics done ?

  21. Americans and their american sports…. So cute.

  22. Boy, did this age terribly or what?

  23. Enjoy the time off Magnus! Legend!

  24. What in the world is going on with the celtics rn?!? 3-0 lead comeback?!?

  25. Did he just blundered a fork by suggesting qb7

  26. Magnus just having his good time …

  27. at 8:23 it would be mate if you sac the queen on c8 then just play the rooks there because of the pawn on f6. idk how this wasn't seen

  28. Is it really over for the Celtics mr Gotham?

  29. Magnus is becoming the Ronnie O'Sullivan of chess.

  30. Oh I know this answer!! Dude was getting so old he decided to step down as World Champ. Getting old is caused by having too many birthdays. It happens to old people. MC is old. Probably will need 24 hour care before end of year. Good guy really. Just awfully awfully old. So there's your answer. Been a pleasure dropping you peeps da deets.

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