When Ding Liren Froze in World Championship Game

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  1. If Ding recovers from this, nothing will be able to break him

  2. psychologically this might affect Ding for the rest of the tournament.

  3. Ding the iceman, in a positive and negative way.

  4. russia and china, both countries nobody wants to exist

  5. He's gonna come back, believe me. Let's go Ding!

  6. neither Ding, nor Ian deserve the title tbh. very messy, mentally weak players.

  7. Some say he actually had a stroke and couldnt move but I dont know if its true 😮 I hope he recovers soon in hospital and crushes Negronatchi tomorrow 😮😢

  8. When Magnus defend for his classical world title, there is no much intense moments like that. Because no one can beat Magnus in the classical world title stage since 2013. Now, Magnus just give away his world classical title and I wonder who will be the next world champion?

  9. he really got hit by ZA WARUDO…..that's rough buddy

  10. Wow he must be feeling so much pressure! He really needs that day off to calm his mind – thank God there’s one after this game. Hope his team can help him with the nervousness of this level

  11. "They don't call me Ding Chilling for nothing." – Ding Chilling 🥶

  12. This was heartbreaking to see… we almost got a win with black in a French defence in a world championship match. I can’t imagine how frustrated Ding must have felt😢

  13. Bro why did you put that music in the video like yeah sad he didn't make a move it happens

  14. such a pain to see a top player getting overly concerned and throwing… but we believe in u ding! ❤

  15. incredible to watch, so much pressure that can even freeze a GM. Ding might have had a better posi on the board but he lost the psychological battle

  16. what is riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

    what a annoying girl

  17. I remember watching this live I was heartbroken.😢😢

  18. Ding was just deep in thought in analysis. Players like that are usually pretty good. I believed Ding continous learned during his game with nepo where he finally learnt enough to beat him

  19. Anish smiling the whole time is just disgusting

  20. Tania just needs to shut her "oh my gosh fuking mouth" when star commentator like Danya and Anish are there commentating a serious moment.

  21. What an epic match. Ding came back and crushed Ian’s soul. Shook.

  22. he protecc he attack but most importantlyding chilling

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