NASA Guess The Elo

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  1. love that you always post during my school hours

  2. Astronaut: "It's one small step for chess … One giant lea -"

    NASA: "Ha, checkmate! Cop that, young Harry!"

    Astronaut: "…"

  3. My highschool has a life sized chess set in my library that I play with all the time during lunch

  4. imagine dedicating your entire life to working for nasa and you decide to play some chess with your buddies and end up getting blasted by levy for your opening

  5. Levy just changed the name of the video from "Chess in space" to "Chess on the moon"

  6. Who is the first chess grandmaster to fly in space?

  7. "Is Pluto a planet by the way? I know it wasn't. Has it been reinstated?" No. I think it was for a brief time, but last time I heard, it's still a dwarf planet.

  8. I wonder how good of a move qf6, bf6, bf8 is. A queen for a rook, a knight, and a pawn.

  9. I love gothamchess
    I know that the titles are always a bit clickbait but this time its really way too clickbait

  10. The ISS's tactics were on point, that's for sure. I've never seen a checkmate quite like that before….The beauty of chess.

  11. Petition to fundraise the money so Levy actually can go to space and play chess there pls XD


  13. Pluto is not officially a planet, BUT IT IS IN MY HEART

  14. These are so awesome, and pretty high ELO chess! Keep it up, great stuff!!

  15. really enjoyed this and found it to be instructional as well 😀

  16. for the next space game you should change the board and pieces to cosmic and neon pieces

  17. That game was cleaner than any game I've ever played. Good stuff

  18. Awesome! How do they send the move or play the game ? Maybe chess is easier in space and zero gravity hahaha

  19. This is so amazing your creating and idea skills are just so awsome and next level

  20. Pluto is not a planet. It hasn’t cleared its orbit, and thus is simply an overly glorified asteroid.

  21. Pluto is in fact not a planet anymore. It is now classified as a dwarf planet.

  22. Chess and Space are the most based things in this universe

  23. Mr. beast be like: I PLAYED A GAME OF CHESS…. IN SPACE

  24. I would like you to continue with these videos, and to even make a miniseries of chesspace.

  25. Levy after they go to e4 cant you go to d4 and force en passant

  26. I played next to the Enterprise Space shuttle

  27. This is ground control to Major Tom: Bishop to D3

  28. It’s good to know our taxes are being put to good use at NASA.

  29. Gotham: Don’t worry guys, the thumbnails are going to go back to normal after the world championship…

    Also Gotham: Chess on the moon!!! 😂😂😂

  30. sniffs I never thought I would live to see the day when a youtuber would leave earth for that chess content. sniffs

  31. Ofc. Only thing better than low Elo chess is rocket science

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