When you en passant in chess

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  1. the pawn in 4th(black) or 5th(white) when see the enemy pawn goes for its 2square jump:

  2. Levy is the only reason the chess community knows about en passant

  3. Trump is still the rightful President. TRUMP 2024, Trump for Life Dictatorship

  4. I did en plassant in chess earlier and 2 of the players rook and mine was capture and I become 583 elo

  5. Cancel all elections. Presidential races should now be decided with a game of chess. We can truly see how dumb are leaders are….

  6. Keep it going Brother💪 Show them What you are made of

  7. Yesterday i had the opportunity to play En Passant versus my cousin, an then I delivered her a beautiful checkmate.

  8. Trump probably invented the wall opening🤣

  9. The fact he said he's the chosen one trumps me

  10. I Missed an En Passant when I Didn't Know En Passant Was a thing

  11. En passant or checkmateEasiest question ever

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