Why did Magnus Carlsen SMILE? #shorts

Pragg’s first draw against Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess! 😍

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Wasnt Ke4 a terrible blunder?
    Because Qh1+ wins the white queen

  2. Didn't White lost his Queen here?!?!?!?!

  3. Why didn't pragg do the Qh1+ skewer?Please someone tell me,I am confused😅

  4. Tell me why did pragg offer draw when he could have won??

  5. Why not Queen h1+ and pick up the white Queen???

  6. When its draw the kings must be face to face

  7. Wasn't magnus losing after the last move?

  8. have a doubt , when magnus moves his king to e4 and then presses the clock , pragg could have skewered him at hi…I might be wrong , please correct me…

  9. Pragg would have came to Qh1+ and can take the white Queen in the a8 square na???😅

  10. Guys Why Didn't Prag Play H1 After The Last Move Of Magnus He Would Simply Win Coz After H1 Magnus Looses His Queen!!!😂

  11. Why did they draw pragg can win this easily

  12. Bro has a habit of winning that's why he did that!😂

  13. if prag place queen to H1 than he can directly takes magnus queen 👑 but only milli sec here I can understand…

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