Why I Built The World’s Largest Game Of Chess In Minecraft Hardcore

Why I Built The World’s Largest Game Of Chess In Minecraft Hardcore

This is the 3rd episode of my 1.19 Hardcore Minecraft lets play series! In this episode I built the WORLD’S LARGEST GAME OF CHESS all in Hardcore Minecraft.

Watch The Last Episode: (How I one Shot The Ender Dragon)

Concrete Duper:
Honey Farm:
Piglin Bartering Farm:
Gold Farm:
Shulker Box Farm:

Most of the music used is licensed by Epidemic Sounds

This series is inspired mainly by Wadzee and aCookieGod.

👍Thank you so much for watching the video! I hope you have a fantastic day👍


  1. W video bro. Can’t wait for more episodes. I just subbed you deserve more subscribers. Keep it up gang

  2. This is cool and all..But can you actually use it? Lmao

  3. Holy shit bro, your crazy give it some time and your one of the biggest minecraft youtubers 👑

  4. Yo Melo , can i make this too for my own Minecraft hardcore video?

  5. Your elo is 1100 and your saying your bad at chess? Dude im 800 and im not that bad…

  6. Thats cool and all but now make it work like a chess game

  7. YOOO THIS IS EPICCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 0:49 My man sounds like a lawnmower xD. Srry i had to. Nice vid

  9. This be giving me Harry Potter vibes

  10. Ye, your replay file corrupted at the time when you needed to do the most work. Amazing.

  11. Now you need to get 2 people to play this board. In order to move they have to mine the piece and rebuild it in the new location.

  12. Blak is going to win because it has more options than white
    If you agree black win than leave a like.

  13. Next video be like: I built a farm that play my game for me

  14. You should SUBSCRIBE :p

    Also ty for all the recent support I really appreciate it ❤

  15. Gosh I've never seen anything like this. It's it's hugeeeeee

  16. Alternate title: Mello being smart for 10 minutes

  17. I've just found your channel today, and i have watched the other 2 of your videos already, and am about to watch this. Keep up the good work, I particularly like the duration of videos!😊

  18. now, and hear me out. You make an entire chess game by making another board and pieces for each move 🙂

  19. get better at chess then we'll talk again…………………………. nevermind

  20. How do you only have 5 k subscribers?? You deserve wayyyy more

  21. damn this video is so well-done deserved a sub!

  22. Man Fr said damn I'm bad at chess let me just use 24h of my life to build it in MC

  23. So you are telling me that a frickin mushroom can break literal end portal frames, but cant break deepslate bricks🤯

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