Why is Magnus Carlsen so good?

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  1. Now if he would use that mind for the good of humanity 😅

  2. Which Magnus are we talking about here?:

    1. Magnus
    2. Late Magnus
    3. Drunk Magnus
    4. Relaxed Magnus

    All those players are rated differently 😅

  3. Is Magnus autistic? Impeccable memory like this can be indicative of autism.

  4. To me personally, what makes Magnus great is that he can take his opponents out of theory and just play amazing chess. That's what I like most about him as a player.

  5. chess is purely about remembering theory, not interesting

  6. I love Levy so much because of his passion for the game, the players, the controversies. Hes such a good spokes person for chess

  7. You guys think Magnus forgets where he put his keys?

  8. Magnus Carlson has the memory of Sheldon copper.

  9. It is not just memory! It is all the connecting of all the aspects of what it takes.

  10. Yep, maybe but how ever ai stockfish can beat him easily.

  11. Memory is one part of it – but only one part. When he's playimg eell, he can calculate deeper, faster and more accurately than any other human. I think he's probably on the spectrum, which helps him focus like nobody else.

  12. He plays on console and the aim assist is broken!

  13. His brain is wired differently. He’s very smart and he has a great memory. He would’ve been successful at anything but lucky for us he chose chess ❤

  14. This is definitely one of the peak movements of human intelligence

  15. The only other player I know like that is Pia Crambling

  16. He wins a lot because he make other people blunder. They know he so good , they panic

  17. What makes magnus so good . He is the best right now. Before him Annan was the best .before Annan the best was Casparov. Etc.

  18. He has enough memory to know where he is standing(roughly) but I think where Magnus excels is at the intersection of memory and creativity

  19. basically magnus has a very strong chess memory that helped him develop a very very strong intuition, he can sense the best move by just looking at a position

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