Winning with the Best Beginner Chess Opening

In this video, I play a chess game in the Ponziani Opening and achieve one of the most venomous traps.
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Check out @GothamChess ‘s Ponziani video:
Everyone Should Know this Ponziani Trap:


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  1. lol completing the development and checkmating in the very next move

  2. IM Rosen: Finishes development, next is mate in 3 or 4. Only disappointment was he didn't get to say "…but not for me."

  3. OK so that queen move was to sell more T-shirts… I get it…. so tempted to buy one…. even more so now.

  4. I love comments that are like "yeah, you may have mated, but you missed a free piece two moves earlier".

  5. I want only more ponziani and Stafford videos. I’m addicted 😅

  6. It's always good when we get more Rosen clips. Hope he goes after GM one day. You-know-what Eric, you and levy should splice in more clips of the other, the contrast between cool and excitable entertains and promotes you both, you know.

  7. Thank you! You uploaded on youtube the record of twitch where you were watching your youtube video! Just looking forward for twitch online where you play this video and continue recursion

  8. lmao ive just watched the gotham ponziani vid only a few hours ago

  9. I actually watched you play this game on lichess, I wasn't watching the stream, just the board on lichess. Very impressive game. A nice little break from the bullet games I was playing.

  10. Eric rosen viewers know better than to take a "free" queen at this point hahaha

  11. 0:51 Love it when Eric shouts out smaller chess creators on YouTube

  12. the reason it's gone from 3500 all the way to 68000 in 2 years is because the opening explorer was changed so that it now includes every game played on lichess, instead of just being a small sample of the higher rated games

  13. YouTubers: "Don't fall for this trap"
    >amount of people falling for the trap increases a ton
    Task failed successfully.

    Seriously though, it's probably because being made aware of this trap means they can use it against others if they get the opportunity.

  14. For the last year you have made me fall in love in chess. Am 18 and in a university so i needed something to use my time on other than school which didn't waste my time.
    THANKS ERIC. Good luck on the GM title.

  15. Hey Eric, how are you enjoying your job as YouTuber /photographer etc

  16. Just looking at Eric’s face after each trap he has set up is so precious.
    This game was a minefield. GG

  17. I laughed so much at the oh no, my queen moment

  18. So 3300 two years ago and I’m one of almost 64000 since who played it.

  19. I hope some day I'll play Eric and get calmly crushed by him like this

  20. Always thrilled with myself when I actually see the threat behind your queen "hangs." Saw it today. Felt good man.

  21. The Painziani opening trap explained by sensei Eric . Nice cameo by dear friend Levy . 😁

  22. Someone call an ambulance🤣🤣very funny

  23. Please like my comment Eric, first of 10 to comment

  24. its always such a clash between your content and levy's, yours is calm and relaxing, levi is over there idk, going insane or something

  25. I love drinking tea and playing Chess because of your channel.

  26. 5:35 Eric missed a fork of rook and king if he would have played pawn to c4

  27. 3:17 black knew about the most basic rule of chess: If you take Eric's queen, you lose. Top tier acting!

  28. Eric, oh god XD what a hilarious person you are!!! I always wait for your videos, and i watch them more for your sense of humour haha!! Thanks for such great videos, always giving me a good laugh 😀

  29. Move 25 you had c4! Great video btw, I must practice this trap

  30. now if black go for Bxc4 in move no. 16 and white moves Re8 is it a checkmate ?

  31. Damn that 1500 was pretty good at spotting some of the traps. Saw your ONMQ which I wasn't expecting.

  32. "Being up material is only good if you pieces can exert dominance."
    And what is good when your pieces can't exert dominance?

  33. My chess openings repertoire is really lacking since I'm just a casual player. As white, mainly Italian opening, Evan's gambit, Vienna and Italian game. As black, basically just the Caro-Kann only, all three major variations (advance, exchange, kaprov) and a little bit of slav. I need to just take an entire weekend and study more openings.

  34. I was "studying" the ponziani on lichess but I couldn't get a game where I could play it. Just finally got a game with it and they played into a trap. AWESOME 😎👍

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