*NEW* FPS Chess Game Mode

We play FPS Chess versus my friends!

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​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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Play FPS Chess!

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  1. This makes chess games like, 100x longer… And chess CAN be a very long game to begin with…

  2. the front's are pond's the horse are knight's the 2 chess piece's which are close to the queen and king are called bishop then the back cornor are rook's and the one which next to the king on the left or right is the queen the bishop can do like a zizag or something the rook can go front and left or right only he can move when a pond or something is not blocking he's viev the queen is like the bishop but can move like the king and change's the color of the squares for the queen's movement your welcome to example chess ssundee if your reading this also im a fan
    sorry if i put wrong words

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