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  1. Today’s stare was short, but nonetheless piercing 7/10

  2. hi i am new kid and i love it your hints helps me alot😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Wait I'm so confused. So is he like the team manager?

  4. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations to Gotham Knights! I bet everyone on GK was glad that they didn't face Frank.

  6. If Levi somehow finds this comment and sees it and pins it, I will try to reach out to Magnus and play against him

  7. If anyone needs it i counted the ! for you, theres 36 of them

  8. Levy's record against Bigfish is just like mine against my girlfriend…..when it comes to arguments!

  9. that was the least threatening "get out of here" i've ever head from you GothamChess

  10. Swear bro, the way you use Shakespearian to describe chess, you sir, take win

  11. I really want to buy a the hody but I can't it's literally $49 thats 1,519 Egyptian pounds 😭😭😭😭

  12. Lev, pls consider a few less commercials in your videos PLEASE! We watch them ( adds) before your video starts then two mins in another…then roughly 3.5 mins after that..etc….just saying I understand completely about revenue…I get it…but maybe just one less commercial?? Two less would be even better…but your videos with all of these commercials are getting a tad bit freaking frustrating to say the least…it breaks up concentration when trying to learn brother….btw I also get what they say about opinions!!! Again, just a thought man…otherwise dig what you do!!

  13. oh lmao i thought the impossible happened and you became a gm

  14. watching you channel for about 5 days, now i noticed you moved you head, as if your twitching, are you ok? Just concerned is all.

  15. Finally got a chance to order my merch! We are so excited to get our shirts and hoodie!

  16. Congrats for you and everyone in the team!!

  17. waiting for gotham chess to play fps chess

  18. are we gonna talk about how bigfish's flag was that of taiwan

  19. gotham: her elo is more than everyone watching this video. me a 2640 fide,

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