Hess Reports Cheating!!

GM Robert Hess reported to USCF and FIDE on a cheating situation with hybrid tournaments.


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  1. This is awful!!! Where are the people hosting cash for elo events, when I get in contact with them I will let them know what I really think about this.

  2. Let's not address the problem to FIDE, but let's address that FIDE is the problem

  3. <merfthewise> If you cheat at one thing, you will cheat at anything. Ultimately, you will lead an uninspiring life until you expire. That’s just how it goes, until you finally go: for good.

  4. Didn't Hans Niemann just get done as well as T 2 certain super GM's oooooo0000000OOOO

  5. I personally dont even fathom the possibility of cheating (OTB or online) to increase rating/get titles. I play chess to improve, and my 2000 national rating is what I've earned by my honest work. Let's say hypothetically i cheat for 3-5 years in a row and slowly get to GM. I may fool FIDE and the arbiters, but i will never fool myself. I can never stay in a good conscience knowing that I've earned what i have unfairly.

  6. in my opinion, with technology fast evolving. A.I becoming smarter and also being able to get fast responses for chess problems. Cheating will make it's way more and more into online tournaments. if we wan't to stop people from abusing engines and don't cheat, i feel like we should go back to the old days of playing on boards only during tournaments, then also have a strong metal/ some form of blocking system for any technology too make sure even if someone brings beads or any cheating device. it won't work at all making the games fair for everyone.
    if you are a pro chess player wanting to make your living from it, then it is normal you should make ways to travel around the globe to play tournaments just like any other athlete does in any other sport. Sure goverments don't fund or feel interested to recognise chess as a sport in certain places but that can change if more and more people become interested into Chess as what happened to darts.

  7. It's not a real sport without the occasional match fixing scandal….

  8. Match fixing is an open secret, not just for hybrid events. There's places all over the world where organizers will literally approach players with match fixing offers in exchange for funds. Not hard to find people confessing to using this kind of system in their past, and it's been going on for a long long time.

  9. I've been watching him since 2020 and never got bored
    His content are always informative , interesting and unique
    like if you agree

  10. Hess reports cheating or chess reports heating

  11. How much do you pay Mishanick to take a dive(JK) ? Im starting more and more to agree with magnus….Fide is not doing enough and drastic measures are needed

  12. Hikaru onece again, proves his the best at making thumbnails

  13. Im a spanish 39 yo chess player. I can't believe how naive Hikaru is, since It has always been know that European players use to travel to Easten Europe to participate un chess tournaments in order to BUY the IM and GM norms

  14. We all know Hans niemen did @$$ and cheated the ** to increase his rating in a impossible way and that's a fact

  15. Online chess and cheating now go hand in hand. Twas ever thus.

  16. Chess is dying because of selective cheating. Smart cheaters can cheat intermittently in critical positions and they'll never be caught. Only stupid cheaters get caught i.e., those who cheat over the course of a an entire game. Online chess only resembles chess but it isn't quite.

  17. That Nemo girl bought her WGM title doing this shit.

  18. For something like this it could easily be Serbian ratings are inflated if juxtaposed with chess population totals.

  19. I'm having trouble with this money problem. U.s players pay for a plane ticket but than plane ticket money goes directly into the pockets of the Bulgarians? Huh?

  20. I had a 10 year old kid cheat against me in a live tournament in Kansas City. She used her ipad. It was in a usc chess event. I didn't say anything to arbiter because the game didn't mean anything as it was the last round and had clinched first.

  21. Jokic is such a good passer he could probably get me a bucket in the NBA. He'd probably bounce it off my head in though.

  22. I like your content so much Hikaru you’re skill is truly amazing

  23. That article's "other side" doesn't make sense to me. Hess is saying people are abusing the hybrid system to buy matches and hybrid seems to the current meta with the European Federation agreeing and saying it's happening with over the board. I don't see how Zalonznyy disagrees with what Hess is worried about. Hess wants hybrid events but is worried about US groups buying matches special matches.

  24. No one cares about cheating. They care about Hikaru winning the world championship in 2 years.

  25. But plug sales: 📈📈📈

  26. this has strong reading-the-powerpoint-verbatim energy

  27. I stopped running online CFC active tournaments because of computer use during covid

  28. ❌❌❌   Hess has got training from the best of the best in chess since he was 4 … His rich 🤑💰 father paid for it all … But now since he's not able to cross that threshold of 2700 , he's crying aloud of those who are poor and want to make into chess world , who were not trained early in their life because their parents were busy working hard and getting food on Table … That's why he's blaming all …

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