Hess Reports Cheating!!

GM Robert Hess reported to USCF and FIDE on a cheating situation with hybrid tournaments.


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  1. ELO boosting services for FIDE rating is crazy…

  2. I hope hikaru actually reads this or it gets conveyed to him about how much we all appreciate him still covering something as crucial as the topic of cheating in chess. I feel like there are a lot of mysteries and issues left unsolved till date and there is honestly a lot that can be done in this area which hasn't been done. Awareness is needed and he is literally the only chess influencer at the moment doing that. Sending more power to him.

  3. He truly is the World Hess Hampion (in all seriousness, good for Hess to attack this. The lack of oversight is concerning)

  4. What an absolutely moronic take… because online chess opened the door to more players rather than those who can afford 10 holidays a year to attend tournaments being subjected to the general population it's people cheating???
    Pathetic mindset… man assumes being born privileged makes him better than everyone else.

  5. Great to see my country talked about. Honestly i would take the money from the US players for something like that. The economy is so shit here and the pay is lower than the lowest amount needed to survive. Especially for a family.

  6. 200 views when i watched jumped to 3.6k views after i watched 😮

  7. Damn, Hess coming out swinging. Maybe Levy can become a GM after all!

  8. Thanks for reporting on this. Cheating in chess is a very important topic which I feel the Hans lawsuits (which I believe are totally frivolous) stifled.

  9. What's the point of cheating and boosting your rating when you're just going to get smoked by your "equals" whenever you're unable to cheat😂. Yes I know, there's price money to be won etc but it's not sustainable in the long run..even in the short run at times.

  10. Robert Hess is a typical, whiny, "you know what" that thinks everyone that beats him is stockfishing.

  11. They should report canty for faking being a GM selling fake gm lessons to kids and has a group called GM factory as if hes ptsd from working and pushing the lie too far

  12. Hikaru is one of the most consistent uploading GM and is very informative in games and in chess news

  13. Anything you do online has a higher risk of being abused by the online user when the outcome of the activity can be to the advantage of that user. An example is the myriad of certifications used to advance one's career. Prior to COVID you typically had to go to a proctored testing center. With the advent of COVID and testing centers being closed the question became how to ensure that online testing had the same rigor and oversight as proctored testing. IMO it is unattainable. But they did the best they could. Still the process was not the same as going to a proctored site. And then there is the issue of the proctor as well, as you must ensure that the proctor/officiator can not be influenced.

    I can think of lots of ways that remote play can be subverted so a player has an unfair advantage. Technology today ensures where there is a will there is a way. So those that would choose to artificially enhance their performance have more than enough tools available.

    Statistics and identifying outliers can be used to reduce this activity, but if someone is willing to take advantage in such a way as to not become and outlier they can still artificially affect their progress. OTB events or even computer chess games could be used periodically at remote, proctored, highly monitored sites to determine if the player is capable of playing at the rating they have obtained.

    I think the numbers shown are indicative of something amiss. What and where things are going sideways would need to be investigated more deeply. And I think Hess sees enough to know when something smells fishy, and I think he is conservative enough with his thoughts to not speak out unless something smells really fishy.

    Ultimately, it is only the player or participant who can ensure they are not taking an unfair advantage. I don't understand how anyone could feel good about themselves if they attained a reward unfairly. And in chess, like other strategy or puzzle type challenges no reward should be meaningful if obtained by an unfair advantage.

  14. Hikaru pretending to report on something about which he is completely ignorant. He even admits that multiple times in this worthless video. Yet he made money by posting it. Good for him I guess.

  15. Hikaru is also a soar loser and has a huge ego danya is a way better streamer teacher

  16. This video reminds me I've seen the profile of a guy that went from 2100 to 2200 to get the CM title by playing only the same opponent in those events 🙂 Next, he used his incredible performance to propose expensive group lessons

  17. Did anyone read the title as "Hans reports cheating!!"?

  18. Potentially hot take: People buy rating on competitive video games all the time. Why would chess be exempt from this phenomena?

  19. Hess is 80% of Chess. The most significant chess figure of all time.

  20. Wew this man might uncover ungodly amounts of match fixing if this is true

  21. FPS players are clutching their pearls. Say it ain't so!

  22. Or maybe European players are soft and over rated. I don't think hybrid events should count fide because it's a different game. Like playing bullet to increase your blitz elo.

  23. Match fixing is a problem now just as much it was in Fischer's day when Soviets used it to dominate the field by saving their energy for games against Fischer and other international players.

  24. This is awful!!! Where are the people hosting cash for elo events, when I get in contact with them I will let them know what I really think about this.

  25. Match fixing is as old as chess itself. As long as there is perceived value in the exchange of money for FIDE ratings the trade has and will continue.

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