Ian Nepomniachtchi shared his impressions of the tournament in St. Louis

The Russian grandmaster spoke about the tournament that ended in the USA.

“The three-week chess marathon in St. Louis has ended.

Despite the suboptimal playing form, we managed to share the first place in the classic tournament and the third in Fischer chess. However, missed opportunities leave a bitter aftertaste.”

The future participant of the match for the title of world chess champion- 2023 spoke about the removal of Magnus Carlsen from the competition. According to many chess experts, the Norwegian could withdraw because of suspicions of foul play on the part of Hans Niemann, who beat Magnus.

“The overall impressions of the tournament were overshadowed by the scandal that broke out after the third round and Magnus Carlsen’s decision to drop out of the competition.

I will not undertake to make a verdict, since I can rely only on my experience, knowledge, intuition and feelings.

I hope that the negative information noise will subside, the measures taken by the organizers will reduce the likelihood of foul play to a minimum, and justice will prevail,” Nepomniachtchi wrote on the social network.

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