Kasparov: “I did not prepare for the tournament in St. Louis”

Garry Kasparov emotionally reacted to his failure (0.5 points out of 9) at the Fischer Random chess tournament in St. Louis:

«“This is what happens when you prepare so little,” a friend told me. I corrected him: no, that’s what happens when you don’t prepare AT ALL!

Playing as an amateur against elite opponents means going through a whole range of emotions: from “How can you not win this?” – through “At least it can’t be lost” – to “How did I manage to lose this!?”.

And yet, I have several interesting games, ideas that made me happy. I still manage to make good moves, but they are too unevenly distributed. Well, Caissa does not spare those who do not give her full attention.

Some consolation was to analyze the games played and find beautiful variations. However, if you are great only in analysis, then you end up at the very bottom of the table!»


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