Kirill Zangalis: “Make dollar millionaires out of your children!”

The newspaper “Sport-Express” published an interview with manager Sergey Karjakin, PR-director of the CHFR Kirill Zangalis, in which he talks about his activities.

“There have been many contracts over ten years. I would especially like to thank “Alpari”, the company that in 2012 was the first to believe in the young grandmaster Karjakin and signed a contract for a quarter of a million dollars. Over the years of cooperation, Alpari has invested more than a million dollars in Sergey. Karjakin has become the first grandmaster in Russia – a dollar millionaire, thanks to cooperation with companies”.

“Over the years, we have attracted as many companies to cooperate with Sergey as no other professional athlete in Russia had: 12 personal sponsors from large banks and car brands to bookmakers and construction companies. I would like to personally thank them for this. Ten years of experience already allows Karjakin, without my help, to conclude personal contracts”.

Read the full text of the interview

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