Chronicle of chess tournaments

Briakin Mikhail won “Prestige 2023”.

In Paracin (Serbia), the international tournament Prestige 2023, which took place from January 17 to 23, ended. The tournament with a prize fund of 205,000 RSD (80,000 RSD) was attended by 52 participants, 3 grandmasters. After 9 rounds, the victory was won by Russian grandmaster Mikhail Briakin, the second place was taken by Pikula Dejan, the third…

The international tournament “Orsha 2023” continues in Belarus. Standing after the 6th round

In Orsha (Belarus), the traditional chess festival “Orsha 2023” continues. A. Moskalenko, I. Grigoriev, M. Tsaruk are in the lead – 5.5 each Rating-favorites:  N. Afanasiev, A. Alexandrov, A. MoskalenkoDates:  from January 19 to 25System:  Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund:  8400 BYN (1st place – 2500 BYN) Line-up:  139 participants, 4 grandmasters Position after round 6Official site

Tournament “Chess Stars 2023” starts tomorrow

Tomorrow the Chess Stars 2023 tournament starts in Moscow. Participants : S. Karjakin, T. Radjabov, A. Grischuk, F. Vallejo Pons, V. Artemiev, S. Sjugirov, R. Sadhwani, A. Goryachkina, E. Lagno, B. Assaubayeva. dates : from 24 to 26 January rapid, from 28-30 January blitz system : circular; rapid 9 rounds; blitz 18 rounds prize fund : 15,000,000 rubles official site

“Prestige 2023” continues in Serbia. Standings after the 8th round

The international “Prestige 2023” tournament continues in Paracin (Serbia). Before the final round, M. Bryakin and D. Pikula are in the lead – 6.5 each. N. Radovanovic is half a point behind. Rating-favorites: M. Bryakin, N. Radovanovic, Z. TekeyevDates: from January 17 to 23System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: 205,000 RSD (80,000 RSD)Line-up: 52 participants, 3…

The international tournament “Orsha 2023” continues in Belarus. Standings after the 5th round

The traditional chess festival “Orsha 2023” continues in Orsha (Belarus). The leader is I. Grigorjev – 5. A. Aleksandrov, A. Moskalenko, K. Stupak and M. Tsaruk are half a point behind. Rating-favorites: N. Afanasiev, A. Aleksandrov, A. MoskalenkoDates: from January 19 to 25System: Swiss, 9 roundsPrize fund: 8400 BYN (1st place – 2500 BYN) Line-up: 147 participants, 5 grandmasters Standings…