Tata Steel Challengers continues in the Netherlands. Standings after the 7th round

The traditional chess tournament Tata Steel Challengers continues in Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands).

Results of the 7th round: A. Tabatabaei 1-0 E. L’ami, T. Beerdsen 1-0 A. Mishra, A. Donchenko 1-0 M. Yilmaz, J. Sindarov 1-0 E. Roebers, R. Vaishali 1-0 L. Supi, B. Adhiban 0-1 D. Pechac, M. Warmerdam 0.5-0.5 V. Ivic.

1. A. Donchenko – 5.5; 2. J. Sindarov – 5; 3-5. M. Yilmaz, V. Ivic, T. Beerdsen – 4.5; 6. A. Tabatabaei – 4; 7-11. B. Adhiban, L. Supi, E. L’ami, R. Vaishali, M. Warmerdam – 3; 12. A. Mishra – 2.5; 13. E. Roebers – 2; 14. D. Pechac – 1.5.

Participants: A. Tabatabaei, J. Sindarov, D. Pechac, A. Donchenko, E. L’Ami, M. Warmerdam, B. Adhiban, M. Yilmaz, L. Supi, V. Ivic, A. Mishra, T. Beerdsen, R. Vaishali, E. Roebers
Dates: from 13 to 29 January
System: round robin, 13 rounds. In case of sharing the first place, a tie-break in blitz is played

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