Becoming a Grand Master Using GUNS in FPS Chess

We play the new FPS Chess game mode with Shiny Pieces!

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  1. yes i have been hoping for more fps chess

  2. The people that play chess are triggered because they say everything wrong

  3. You're reading this comment God bless you and your family 🙏💦🌬

  4. Thank you so much for coming back to make a second episode, please make more! 😀

  5. ayoooo a white piece with a whip? bro whipping a black piece dawgggg new racist game

  6. Hello, I see you have recently made your video on YouTube Shorts, which is better than TikTok,but still has a dark place in it, so I have offered to help you by giving you items to survive.

    50 likes: Anti Cringe Clothing: 1 time use, removes one cringe point per use.

    100 likes: Shield Protector: 5 time use, removes 5 cringe points per use.

    500 likes: Upgraded Anti Cringe Clothing: 10 time use, removes 10 cringe points per use.

    1000 likes: Anti Cringe Pill: 50 time use, removes 50 cringe points per use.

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  7. Bro I was here in this game when it started

  8. Can you please make another insane craft videos

  9. I’m glad he’s playing with weak knees 😂😂

  10. bro you need to do this again

    Ok so I play chess and I know there were a ton of moves that were better than what were played, but this is FPS Chess so the moves that you played were probably better because of the mechanics

  11. Kings can’t fight each other in chess the kings are cowards yes I’m serious 🖕🏼

  12. Do more of those video they are awesome like the others one :p

  13. I never miss one of those stories, I learn a lot from them❤

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