Becoming a Grand Master Using GUNS in FPS Chess

We play the new FPS Chess game mode with Shiny Pieces!

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  1. i saw sigils holding his cannon but he didnt fire

  2. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease do a pikmin among us mod

  3. Idk if you have done it but will u do among us exactly like monopoly I've just started watching a few of ur videos

  4. Make more video please

  5. Can we appreciate how much work,time and to even make these vids for us

  6. You should really play For third battle Royal chapter 4 its a real ton of fun by the way good video

  7. This game is not accurate. There are moves that are illegal.

  8. every video he says hit the like button ill shut up but he never does

  9. Being a while since I seen this game on the channel

  10. Sigils like, “how does it feel to lose idiot!” Then realizes he got killed by a pawn

  11. ssundee did you join my among us game my name is hihi pls reply

  12. Ssundee why won't you make a splatoon video

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