11 Brilliant Moves IN A ROW!!!

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  1. you offer me the english version i will translate it to french for free

  2. Now I wanna now the Accuracy and estimated Elo of that game.

  3. It would be great if à translation in French could be made toi 🤞☺️

  4. The moves are onloy brilliant because they left the rook on b3 for all of tehm

  5. Are you gonna do a book tour in Stockholm, Sweden. Or maybe a bit more of a northern city like Gävle ?

  6. Levy: "The most impressive move of the game maybe occurs here"
    The 11 brilliant moves: are you sure about that?

  7. Book looks amazing. I cant speak/read english very well so czech translate is more than welcome 🙂

  8. As for the brilliants, it clearly weighs the sacrificial advance of the rook that continues to be in play. The algo could be adjusted to not repeatedly give credit for the same constellation

  9. Hi! Where does one pre order your book in english? The link in YouTube does not seem to work. Also if there is a Dutch version to preorder pls let me know want to get both 😊

  10. levy can u translate it into bangla too? its my language

  11. If i get 10 likes on this comment i will buy the book 😅

  12. The eleventh double exclamation is in Levy's mouth

  13. As a 900 I can vouch for them both missing bishop takes for 9 moves

  14. This game was the most THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOK game of all time.

  15. Did you translate that book too russian yourself?

  16. It would be cool if its translated to serbian

  17. Will the book be available in Hungarian??? Congrats btw. Very nice book!

  18. I'm gonna sacrifice MY MONEYYYYY to buy the book and support the channel 😂

  19. Thinking about your book! Greetings from 🇩🇪

  20. The book will even be translated to the language of chess winners, Czech and mate. What a great day!

  21. Вот книжку на русском обязательно куплю, рад слышать

  22. Every 1000 elo Algerian plays like a GM when playing against a French . It's a matter of patriotism .
    تحيا الجزائر

  23. Who the he** writes books in 2023? Haven't Levi heard about youtube?

  24. As soon as I see levy pull up a add or something me being like SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP SKIP THAT AND THIS AND SKIP,OK FINALLY THE ACTUAL VIDEO

  25. he's got the Boooooook….
    Bruv, G.C, we would love to see you on your tour in Christchurch New-Zealand chur

  26. are you translating the book to swedish or finnish

  27. Translation to Czech, so I can make more checks. Nice.

  28. (Sees Gotham video) – neuron activation clicks on video best time of my life

  29. Congrats for your book, will definitely buy it and you can be so proud of yourself!!

  30. Not surprising ain't that Mikhail Tal?🤔

  31. Black probably didn't even See the rook was hanging ☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀

  32. Me pretending to understand why they were brilliant moves

  33. Imagine this got submitted for guess the ELO

  34. 0:43 yoo Levy what are you saying ?? this came.. in the male….? kinda sus

  35. Levy did not mention that 'Black' did all of this in just 2min 4s, What a brilliancyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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