3 Year Old Chess Prodigy Is Absolutely INSANE

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  1. As a current 3 year old, I can confirm this is me.

  2. I was amazed by this kid. Interestingly he didn't seem to follow through for some reason.

  3. Poor misha had to face the final dark souls ice devil boss Karpov

  4. "I realize a lot of you are getting back into the game at 35 years old but did you know… that there are toddlers who are better than you? Literal babies who would trounce on you 100 times out of a hundred"
    Thanks gotham, im done with this shit

  5. 3 weeks ago he couldn't eat with a fork – – hahaha

  6. Is Misha doing good? He knows Vladamirovich Putin ❤

  7. the kid wanted to play chess… then let him play.

  8. 3 years old.. what was i doing at 3? Wasting time thats what i was doing.

  9. When the 3 year old kid make a mistake
    People: He is just 3 year old
    When the same kid make a good move

  10. Honestly as a parent of an nearly 3 yo. I feel bad for this kid.

  11. The moment Levy stops talking because the kid says "I prefer white".

  12. This is not true 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  13. as a former 3 year old, I won the Fisher-Price most coveted toy award

  14. So frustrating that chess<insert top-level domain here. YouTube spam filter hates links> doesn't let me explore unlimited openings without buying premium. I really need to learn openings and it's much easier to learn from an interactive tool like this.
    If there weren't so many other things I do with my time (I'm a software engineer by day and gamer by night) I'd probably consider premium but I feel I wouldn't use it enough, at least in the span of a month, for it to be worthwhile.

  15. "Get outta' here." I remember that farewell; a semi-famous quote softly spoken by Simon Oakland to Steve McQueen in his hit 1968 movie, "BULLITT". 🤔

  16. That kid looks evil. Oh wait…he looks like Putin. Never mind.

  17. it's not. actuall he was already destroyed by russian grossmeister Karpov

  18. Oh my GOD, that poor child is insane? Is he getting the mental care he needs?

  19. And then the kid lost? WTF. I feel ripped off.

  20. As a former 3 year old, I chose to eat dirt.

  21. F. this world champion. wearing the flag pin to support the war against ukraine.

  22. I thought he got killed for losing against Anatoly

  23. Levi: "He's not even playing a neutered chess opening like the London"

    Me (currently learning the London) -_-

  24. Karpov one of my favorites and 1 of the classiest guys to ever do it. Kasparov doesn’t get the key win to extend the series and Karpov stays dominant bc Gary doesn’t gain the confidence he can win/compete

  25. yes but he was 3 three years ago actually

  26. Today Osipov's rating 1316. I would say for 11 years old seems like nothing special. Like almost everthing in russian media this program could be just a show without connection to reality. After russian invasion of Ukraine nobody talks about russians in good way. This story was 8 years ago and its strange to reveal it only now. Levy why are you showing dusty positive stories about russians?

  27. karpov: beats 3 yo
    Levi: Karpov is a machine

  28. As it is the only opportunity to get out of poverty, his parents will monetise his as long as possible and then he will be some „famos guy“, dumped and forgotten.

  29. Oha wusste gar nicht dass du Deutsch sprichst.

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