3 Year Old Chess Prodigy Is Absolutely INSANE

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  1. Karpov offered him the draw in order to help the kid save face and be able to 'draw' against a World Champion. Very noble of him! Imagine the kid being able to tell people later on in life that he drew against Karpov at such a young age!

  2. Yo, I gotta question, how old is this 3-year-old kid?

  3. all russian sources are censored on youtube. the copyrights are likely cia/mossad bots.

  4. Im thirteen year old with 900 elo is that good im almost at 1000

  5. Of course the kid did not want a draw. He was playing Karpov, this was the best time of his life. And of course then he cried, not because he lost but because it was over. I hope I can rediscover this passion in me again one day.

  6. As a 37 year old, i want to point out, i got the first puzzle, the mate in three. Yes, i am very proud of myself. (Obviously i am being humorous here. This kiddo is insane. What a crazy natural talent.)

  7. I was expecting to get a video about a 3 year old straight up beating a 2700 points GM, but whatevs.

  8. November 2016, a few years ago in this case is 7 years ago. So the dude is 10 now

  9. i supose white is mate in 3 move……1.kh6,kingf8..2.qh8,kinge7…3.kniht back to f5 is mate in 3……..

  10. Im always skeptical about kids this young being this good at anything. Normally its just the parents teaching them tricks so they can hustle the media.

  11. I love how Karpov offered him a Draw. He knows he has nothing to prove to anyone and that he could give Misha bragging rights for the rest of his life.

  12. he cried when the grandmaster entered the stage.

  13. I am watching this and this is enjoyable game, puzzles and study but I can't bare his shouting. Man, compose yourself.

  14. Engine says -0.7
    Levy: borderline lost

  15. I can only think of the dark souls meme 🤣

  16. This kid was a prodigy. He suffered the "ultimate penalty" after losing to Karpov. Its all over the internet. Common knowledge.

  17. I’m 39, played a couple games with my dad… decided to get back in, not because i want to become a “chess player” but with the wisdom of age I realize it helps to structure my mind and it applies to many aspects in life. ofcourse the piece are different but you can see various patterns happening in business, politics or even someone trying to play you

  18. Mehh…Just basic moves and basic exchanges. Just goes to show that basic chess can be learned by even a 3 year old.
    I wouldn't call this good chess.
    The way he lets his entire queen side get utterly destroyed in the opening shows he doesn't understand what he is doing. He just learned to copy certain move patterns.

  19. Are you living in a motel in Gotham?

  20. I love you Levy, but why, in your opening monologue, is the background in focus and you are not?

  21. Other countries: ohh he is only 3 years old he can learn a lot about chess in the future. Russia: oh, he is 3 years it is time to play against Karpov!

  22. when he grows up he is going to marry the botez sisters' daughter then that will be the beginning of a new human species called homo sapien chessius.

  23. So you know, I got a cat food ad in the middle of this. You got your wish.

  24. I'm a bit confused on 16:25 why can't you just move white king to F7? the only pawn G7 that has room to move can't actually move otherwise black king dies to bishop, so all black could do would be to move king to G8 but then dies to the other king. white king to F8 would also work, I suppose.

  25. In my eyes this is child abuse. Nothing to adorse. Not an appropriate envirionment for a three year old.

  26. No, I will NOT leave just beause I'm 65! 😂

  27. Im older than the average viewer but found you through Anna Cramling

  28. My man is just a Russian Ender from Enders game

  29. The title is kind of misleading considering all Russians are born with 10 years of chess experience.😊

  30. So impressive to me because as a British pensioner I regret never learning or playing chess once. Am sure if I had done I would have beaten them both. 😮

  31. ngl i started chess at 3
    but THIS KID is on a whole new level

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