The King Is A Weapon

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  1. Thanks for putting out LOTS of content very fast!

  2. 4.20 ну и пусть забирает ладью.
    мы его шахуем офицером.
    и начинаем атаку.

  3. Seeing the thumbnail I was hoping white would win.

  4. if you are below 1700 especially in blitz, you can use your king to attack, and if you know how to defend it.
    – your enemy will blunder a piece
    – you will exchange queens
    – and you will start pawn charge supported by your king
    It's not the best way to play of course, and there always be a M on evaluation bar against you.
    but most of players panic and tries as hard as possible to just checkmate you, often leading to blunders. i recommend it for some fun.

  5. Challenge:
    Chess but your queen moves like the king. If you are forced to break this rule, you lose.

  6. Challenge: Bad Chess

    Rule no. 1: your pieces have a 10% chance to die when moving( doesn’t apply to king)
    Rule no. 2: Martin’s pieces can betray (turn your pieces into his) when they capture
    Rule no. 3: you cant castle.
    Rule no. 4: you have to move your king every time Martin moves his queen.
    Rule no. 5: your pieces (doesnt apply to pawns )cannot move if your opponent hasn’t moved the his equivalent (ex. Your rooks cant move if your opponent hasn’t moved the same rook on their side, same with other pieces)

  7. I really appreciate this darker chess board. I usually watch your videos right before bed with my lights off and the previous boards would burn my eyes- even with brightness all the way down. I love the improvements you’ve made to the channel! Keep up the great work

  8. Challenge: Bounty Chess

    Every 5 moves, one of your opponent's pieces (not pawns) is randomly chosen to be the bounty. If you capture the bounty, you get a queen and place it on the board yourself.

    However, your opponent also gets a bounty from your pieces and also gets a queen if they capture it. You still get to pick where to place a queen, so to make it fair, your piece is the bounty for 10 moves. You place the queen immediately after the bounty is captured. The placement counts as a move only if YOUR bounty is captured. If THEIR bounty is captured, they can move it immediately after placement.
    If there are no pieces left, there are no bounties. Kings do not count of course, as well as the newly placed queens.

  9. Looks like the King is a liability in this game

  10. your new setup makes you look 5 years younger
    its magic

  11. Should we make this a new series? Epic king walks? If so, send me your best king walk game (win or loss) and we'll see what happens!

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