3 Year Old Chess Prodigy Is Absolutely INSANE

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  1. Levy smoothly sliding a D joke in between the files 🙏🏻

  2. 4:15 you should have asked hikaru when all this happened. He'd give you the date, the weather, what his landlord had for dinner, and a random chess position that happened on that date.

  3. My kid is 3 and I when I introduced him to chess he only wanted to play with the horsies

  4. I'll be 3 next year and I play better than him so why am I not on this channel!

  5. The 3 year old baby was named Misha osipov

  6. As a 3 year old grandmaster I understand his greatness

  7. oh i love that edited clip with anatoly karpov being a dark souls boss and he cries lol

  8. I honestly don’t know if Levi intentionally said that LeBron James played football😂

  9. Fun fact: We're not 18 – 35 years old. In fact, most of us are just kids and teens. We have to fake our account ages just to get access to Youtube because Google thinks that Youtube is only meant for 18+, but its not. I strongly disagree and appeal against this opinion. Because of this, a lot of dumb kids who are to run the future can't access awesome content like this. This video clearly proves that Chess and Youtube are not for 18 – 80 but for 0 to 1000. Me and my friends too are living proof. I hope this catches Google's attention.

  10. Levron james was the greatest football player

  11. yeah I remember watching this back in 2016 and was blown away. I just looked him up as I was curious how he was doing today and at age 10. He is currently rated 1173. It's good to see him still playing a lot!

  12. For the puzzle at 16:00 what's stopping white from doing king to F7?
    I don't see that it would be in check there, and then the only legal moves for black would be moving the G7 pawn so bishop takes the black king
    or is that stalemate.. 🤔

  13. As soon as he turns 4 and gets conciousness he gonna forget everything

  14. I have a question, if we only have king and rook, but enemy only have king, how to make checkmate. If I playing it must be a draw😢

  15. When i was 3 i only knew how the pieces move. And still didnt know what casteling is

  16. Oh I had a blast playing with this kid on the stream, such an amazing intercation and lessons I got from him was amazing but unfornutelly he said that he is done with competetive chess as it got him burnt down over the years of growing up

  17. Hello levy. Can you do a video about the painting called Checkmate. The story is quite good.

  18. Damn could've sworn Agadmator covered this exact thing years ago

  19. Proud that i solved puzzles solved by a 3 years old prodigy. The last one was really fun to do

  20. I looked this kid up. He turns 10 in 2023 and he's currently rated 1100+ in rapid.

  21. It’s quite difficult to solve it when ur 45
    My 9 yr old brain: Doesn’t seem that hard

  22. It's so u believe able that I think he might actually be much older but he has a condition like hasbulla so he is smol

  23. hes actually much older now, he sadly hasnt become a GM or titled at all. According to fide his current rapid rsting is around 1191 and his classical rating is 1173

  24. I was better than magnus at 3 but that was my peak now I'm rated just over 1000😂

  25. As a former 3 year old I can confirm that I could've been a grandmaster goo goo gaga

  26. Are we going to pretend that we didn't hear Levy say "everybody needs some D" at 7:20

  27. The original of Why do I hear boss music meme lol?

  28. Gotham thinking his analytics are accurate, that he has the audience of 18-35 years old. Not knowing you can fake your birthday on the internet.

  29. Me as a 3 years old : "Why isn't this square shaped thing go into that circle shaped hole?!"
    Russian 3 years olds:

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