4 Levels of INTERFERENCE (Chess Tactic)



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  1. Another great video, Nelson. You speak to the β€œcommon man.” I thank you.

  2. Just came back after such a long time for another chess vibe video, and it was great!
    Keep up the work Nelson πŸ™‚

  3. 15:23 , What if black takes with the queen but not the rook , what will happen ?

  4. You don't get a free rook in intermediate level 1 because after you take rook, the knight fork is coming in

  5. Love starting my day with some good chess vibes, can’t wait for the course on the 15th!!!

  6. Every time I see that you have uploaded a video I have a smile on my face. Thank you so much Nelson for your videos and your crystal clear explanations. I have been watching for around 3 years now and it never gets old.

  7. Very random but I just watched a video of someone who's trained for 8 years and has barely put on any muscle. Looking at you, you seem to have a good amount of arm size. Not sure if you train or not but I feel like you'd have great overall muscle mass potential. Especially if you don't already train, that's an even better sign that you have great muscle potential. You might not have the aesthetic muscle insertions of a bodybuilder but you probably have great potential on becoming a competitive powerlifter/strong man or even arm wrestler. Not saying that to make fun of you because I'm fat myself but my bone structure and genetics seem to be similar to yours and I've developed a great amount of muscle naturally over past 2-3 years but I focus on strength first and foremost and one day I will look at becoming shredded but not until I reach my mid-long term strength goals.

  8. Nelson 'ifyouhadachancetolookatthat' Lopez

  9. Of all the chess tactics, this one is probably the least in peoples' bag of tricks. Very good lesson.

  10. You know the video’s topic is serious when wears his superhero glasses.
    I see you, Nelly !!

  11. Nice one! Very instructive video!πŸ‘

  12. Gothamchess made a video today which had a ridiculous move that can be classified as an interference tactic

  13. personally I didn't find the first 2 intermediate ones (or the squire in the 3rd), but I did find the first 2 advanced ones…
    Interesting how those have a hugher grade but felt easier for me as the opponants follow ups were more obvious for me

  14. Genuinely every video I've seen of yours is tremendously instructive and easy to understand. You're a truly gifted teacher, thank you for making these videos

  15. I could see the Advanced & Master but not the Beginner & Intermediate.
    Now I'm confused as to why I can see the more Advanced moves better than the Beginner πŸ€”
    Can someone please explain as to why this is.

  16. Hey i am from nepal i love your teaching style

  17. I knew this tactic but now I know it better.πŸ™‚

  18. Telescopes will turn into cookie crumbs with a game of two kings.

  19. I got them all right exept the last one, because I didn't see Qf8.

  20. Hey Nelson. Just want to take the opportunity to ask how much your course will cost?

  21. An out-of-this-world interference – watch?v=YhjmNCXULbE&t=991s

  22. What is going on at 6:30? The queen moved from the corner already with check? Probably from b2 instead (I get the point is about interference)

  23. I like to call it a scissors coup after the contract bridge play πŸ™‚ You're cutting communication between attacking pieces.

  24. I think the higher level puzzles are not that hard because you told us what to look for. Without this big clue, I think it would take me a lot of time.

  25. we hate that word in signal processing

  26. Hey, am a new subscriber and i started watching your videos so i can learn about chess ( new hobbie ). Just a quick question regarding the last interference tactic ( master ),afrer pausing the video as a 500 elo i saw king to h8 followed by rook to g8, there would be no mate and the game continues with queens on the board so can you please help

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