50 QUEENS vs 1 PAWN | Chess Memes #21

50 QUEENS vs 1 PAWN | Chess Memes #21

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  1. Looks like white was actually martin

  2. Just kill the pawn and boom game over.
    Also is black didn't move him immortal pawn he could have won and that would be real comedy

  3. We gotta give respect to black king because he even survived that long (yes there was mate in 1 but hey let's not make the situation worse)

  4. I like how there was mate in 1 and they didn’t see it
    Edit: How am I getting so many likes?

  5. if it was a fair mactch white dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I like when in the starting u can cut pawn with the queen and BOOM a check mate but white did wrong and funny moves to make us laugh

  7. Did the chessboard had 49 queens except 50 queens

  8. Queens are not the strongest piece the legendary queens

  9. That's not fair for black and I thought that the pawn was a legendary pawn

  10. I watched a video where there were 50 white kings and one of the white king was flirting with the black queen and now the kings wish amentrye with 50 queens

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