A Rough Start for the Bullet Monster

Hikaru plays the 2nd Bullet Brawl, a new event on chess.com held the last Saturday of every month.

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  1. Amazing vid, but damn I wish it had some music. 🎶 Chillstep would b dope.

  2. what is the 'something else' that he refers to with the lolly checkmate?

  3. I’m sure the dude that got offered draw was spamming that check button😂

  4. Oooooof the Atlanta Falcons SB reference 😂😂😂

  5. 1:42:22 how he converted that to a win blows my mind!!! trapped the king GGs

  6. 👍😄 Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen are the best representatives of the revolution of the new era of chess . 😄 greetings from argentina

  7. Bubba Yega with the four forks in a row!🎉

  8. This 2 hours video was sooo good … especially it was a tournament and most of the time naka was closer to #1 and good compitition by others …nice

  9. Golf is definitely not hikaru’s strong suit

  10. The back end of this when Hikaru finds his rhythm it’s just a freight train 😂 way too good

  11. 24:15 jesus him helplessly trying to figure out why his moves played themselves is the funniest thing ive seen in a while

  12. Please someone explain

    I was black, played AI which was white

    White had only king at H2

    I moved my Queen from D1 to F3, I had my rook at G4, my king was at A1

    After I made my move AI said it was a draw. How the fuck is that a draw?

  13. Would love if you do the Titled Tuesday videos like this without music. Keep up the good content sir

  14. That “good as it gets” checkmate was a beautiful sequence… real nice

  15. These bullet videos are hilarious to watch. Hope you make more of this kind🐧🐧

  16. Is there some sort of honor among thieves aspect to these types of games? Even if I blunder my queen and only get a rook in return, with 40 seconds left isn't it worth playing on instead of resigning? Even the best players are going to make mistakes and you might still win on time if you confuse them, no?

  17. Hey Mr. Editor. Pls make sure to add drumnb or whatnot to background. Also the playlist on classic vids is getting old, pls change it up, all love. Thanks for work

  18. Had to add my own background music. I chose KISS, Lick it Up.

  19. 9:19 "I was winning, losing, everything in between… but that's why we play bullet chess." 😂

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