Are you better than my wife?

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  1. someone needs to submit this game in guess the elo

  2. I thought Lucy was a man for the first 50 seconds. I'm new…

  3. Love this training at the end. So gentle and respectful

  4. the reverse elo swap sounds like a fun idea

  5. He forgot to turn the Lucy bot on before starting the recording.

  6. I watched for the cute couple interactions. Chess lesson was a bonus.

  7. 🙁 only 20 minute video… I can't wait for ep 3

  8. looks like lucy got captured and is also being held hostage now :/

  9. Why do you think your wife is worse than you at chess? Maybe she is just pretending all the time … 🤔😂

  10. 0:00 lucy face looks like a seal's face but mixed with down syndrome here

  11. Wasn’t there also an elo swap with northernlion? 🤔

  12. This apisod we learned how to win in a losing position the next one we'll learn how to lose a winning position 🎉

  13. props to levy for being held hostage for 4 days in the mountains of europe

  14. Of course Levi can't get enough of grandmaster content he started to replicate with his own with a Magnus Carlson start and hope to win with a Magnus Carlson finish

  15. Usually at the end,
    Levy : get out of here !!
    Levy today : bye, see ya !

  16. Reverse Elo swap is needed great idea from Lucy

  17. Well, if the last few videos haven't provided enough evidence, this one finally nails it. Levy verbally signals at 0:49 that they're being held hostage by stating, "We're being held hostage right now in the mountains of Europe."

    This also confirms it is not only Levy that is kidnapped, but also his wife.

  18. I freaking love your videos!! They're always so entertaining!

  19. Wow, I JUST watched the old ELO swap videos for the first time this week and was thinking it would be cool if this series returned! And here it is!

  20. Highest like comment was “this is cheating” on the last video episode of elo-swap, however, the opposition is made of volunteers and I personally learn quite a bit from levy coaching and playing for others. So my vote is for more 🙂

  21. Feels something like John and Yoko famous bed-in

  22. that absolute death stare at the start 😂

  23. Time for YouTube comments to do their favorite thing.. psycho-analyze every aspect of Levy and Lucy's relationship

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