Chess, but with SIX QUEENS

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  1. When the notation needs 5 letters (Qa1b2 for example) you know something crazy is happening

  2. 8:33 "the danger is you can't stop my mating attack"
    Is that really a problem 😏?

  3. “They could make a movie about this game”
    Looking at you, @TopChess

  4. 😂😂😂 we’ve got the attention span of a gnat!

  5. 17:51 “the white king is completely safe, and Mormon i might add” 💀

  6. How do u even notate when 3 different queens can move to a square. Like Qa1xa8

  7. chess sets should include at least 8 queens for each side imo

  8. i felt the stare in my heart 8.5/10,Very good

  9. Damn the king really being weird by having 6 queens

  10. Who does that king think he is, King Solomon?

  11. I thought this was going to be a how to lose at chess lmao

  12. Nowadays you can 3D print the queens in a matter of 30 minutes … Just sayin'

  13. No I don't think I wanna get out of here yet, Levy

  14. When I heard 6 queen on the board I thought you were gonna say two 300s played it.🤣

  15. The harem that even 300 elo players cant make

  16. Why did I immediately think it would be a game between two 300´s.🤣

  17. "The white queen is completely safe, and Morman I might add" had me in tears

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