Chess, but with SIX QUEENS

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  1. 19:19 I'm sorry does that evaluation say mate in 26? That might be the longest forced mate I've seen besides that one ridiculous constructed position that's like mate in 100

  2. I think the kings were arabic because they had 3 queens each.

  3. 19:49 “so seeing that, black plays Qfxe5”

  4. The computer was right g to d8 because after all the trades white would be a g up

  5. I just need to know. What does your wife do while you're yelling at the computer about 18 points of ammunition? Does she watch YouTube playthroughs of Roller Coaster Tycoon with noise cancelling headphones on or what?

  6. Try to take a look at this game. it was a uno reversecard. i think you would hav fun looking at it.

  7. "The truth has come out to the family, there are indeed multiple queens on the board"
    Levy spitting facts

  8. 19:28. Why would black taking the knight with the F queen not be winning?

  9. She saw 4 queens on the board and thought, "That's NOT enough!"

  10. Queens of chess are watching you <3 Cheers from Northern Europe.

  11. Todays stare was a little too generic i give it a 7/10

  12. Please just please tell me why he not play the check mate 😭😭😭

  13. Got my first brilliant move today. That's good for a 600 right?

  14. England being Jealous Caz he had 6 queens💀

  15. 6 Queens 54 point of material all that for a draw

  16. Its because of stupid kids, who are addicted to 5 second videos on TikTok, you have that viewer retention. Idk why would people watch you, IF NOT for the game reviews. They are my favourite

  17. That was a game of beauty, and I imagine they were probably trying not to laugh, I certainly would be. I however would also be baffled how to handle a situation with that much queen on the board. hell for me it's crowded when there's 3… but 3 each? holy crap everything is under threat…

  18. I thought it was the Alekhine game with 6 queens

  19. W gotham good chess player subscribed and notifications ON you helped me play chess 50x better 1 month ago i didnt know how to checkmate now i do and im not that bad your videos are cool

  20. Im running out of ways of saying that was fantastic and entertaining.

  21. At 15:53 wouldn't Ne3 instead of Nh6 be a nice move? With the intension of Nxd5 forking whites King and Queen?

  22. Thank you Levy. I never thought I would see something like this!😄

  23. inverted rooks are queens… calm down mofo… jk lol

  24. I may be a zoomer but I do like to stick it out through the videos and that Mormon joke really caught me off guard that was genius Levy

  25. its easier to watch if you dont just add a minute of bs to "keep me here

  26. Gotham viewers be wondering why they can't play chess, when their attention span is that of a hyperactive 3 year old

  27. those kings got insane rizz, both have 3 queens

  28. Gotham I have a hilarious chess game for you to look at 😂 could easily be guess the Elo or how to lose

  29. This video has made me laugh out loud and the commentary was brilliant, yet this comment won't get pinned because audience's attention span goes down hand in hand with youtuber's fixation on negative feedback.
    Kidding, it would be weird to pin a praising comment, I get it.

  30. If you have 3 queens, like this: a queen on a1 a queen on c1 and a queen on a3, and you want to move the queen on a1 to b2, how do you label the move? you can't say Qab2 as there is another queen on the a file that can move to b2 (the one on a3) and you can't say Q1b2 as there is another queen on the 1 rank that can move to b2 (the on on c1)

  31. this is like a game they would put in a new james bond movie, its like the royal flush of chess

  32. Just a disclaimer, Members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or "Mormons" dont support polygamy in any way and haven't in over 130 years (1890). Just thought I'd let people know because its still commonly believed that we do!
    Edit: The joke did make me laugh still, just letting people know thats all it is.

  33. starting to think you're getting bald-er 💀

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