Beginner Chess Rating Climb – 240 to 284 ELO!

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0:00 – Game 1 – Queen sacrifice?!
4:28 – Game 2 – Disconnected.
5:33 – Game 3 – Kingside checkmate
16:03 – Game 4 – Queen’s gambit accepted
31:24 – Game 5 – Fighting for the center
38:17 – Game 6 – Vienna gambit!

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  1. lol i love you but as a guy who played poker professionally from 2003-2011 i think it would be more kind of you to explain the mate after mating rather than before. total slow roll on the guy 😂

  2. The disappointment in Nelson's voice when his opponents blunder is palpable.

  3. This is really cool. Can't wait to see you get into the 1300 level. Thank you for these videos Nelson, and God bless.

  4. Please add Part Numbers to the title! I know this is going to be impossible to watch in a year or so once this gets long enough 😢.

  5. I love how you go into detail while describing your thought process. It's very helpful!

  6. MonkeFart363 only lost to you because you got white. As a grandmaster he knew the game was over before it even began that's why he disconnected before any trade was made.

  7. You articulate better than other chess channels.

  8. These are so instructive! thanks for making such great content 😀

  9. What a awesome awesome video love the cool video

  10. I’ve lost track of the number of games I’ve won with the Legall’s trap shown @ 2:00, even against higher-rated players, that I’ve come up with a checklist (for white):
    1) is your bishop on c4 (or b3)?
    2) is your knight on f3 pinned by black’s bishop on g4?
    3) is there no black knight (or black pawn on c6) guarding d5?
    4) does only the black king guard the pawn on f7?
    5) is your other knight on c3?
    If the answer to all these questions is, “yes”, immediately and without delay, move Nxe5!! If the answer to any question is, “no”, continue developing normally.

  11. These 200 rated players must be wondering why this dude is playing so many good moves. 😅

  12. Loving the series so far! I'm not great at seeing several moves ahead quickly, but is there a reason to not take with the knight at 43:00 and pressure the queen while threatening a fork if they recapture?

  13. In 53:39 it was so painful I took medics to reduce the pain.

  14. D5 against the Vienna gambit I never see at my 700 level

  15. Please tomorrow update the Fishermen, it's over a week bro!

  16. I love your delivery. Been consuming a lot of chess content, and you not having a loud ego is very refreshing. Love your 25 tip style videos.

  17. LMAO I guess the Legal Trap doesn't work when you get below the 200 rating because they don't even notice they can capture the queen.

  18. i've finally reached +1600 elo. Sky's the limit my friends

  19. I really love this series! It's very instructional.

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