Vladimir Kramnik vs D Gukesh | An EPIC Encounter | FIDE World Teams Rapid 2023

It was all heated up at the FIDE World Teams Rapid 2023 as the newly crowned India No. 1 D Gukesh was all set up against the former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. Will the super-talent outwit the season professional or will the World Champion show why he is still one the best? Watch the thrilling encounter to see what happened in the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Before zeitnot kram dominated the game, he is clearly ahead of all, still now. He understands the position as nobidy else

  2. congratulations, great match, very inspiring.

  3. Kramnik was much better until he got into time trouble. With 15 seconds on the clock he blundered. It's not a masterpiece by Gukesh. If it was, Gukesh could repeat this exact variation, but you can be sure that he won't.

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