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Just a kween being a kween. 👸🏻

Watch as Beth plays chess against twelve men, simultaneously, and find out what happens. If you can’t get enough like us, watch her kill it in The Queen’s Gambit, streaming now only on Netflix.

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  1. Unless it's asian , american prodigy's ability is from drugs

  2. Life is like a box of chocolate,, you never know what you're gonna get …

  3. I've just rewatched the series and just realised if she was adopted earlier and had supportive adoptive parents, she could have become a world champion at a younger age.

  4. Magnus can do it blindfolded. Girls are so badass in fiction.

  5. Ah yes, Empowerment; 1 teen girl against 50 dudes.

  6. trying to imagine how indian dudes heads exploded as a female totally decimated a bunch of dudes

  7. I've never won before. But when I won, I won in style.

  8. I played a Grandmaster like this back in the day along with 19 other players. He beat us all. Then he played the best among us with his back to the board, essentially blindfolded. He won that, too, then went up to the board and replayed the whole game for us from memory, showing us how he beat him.

  9. "i've never won anything before"

  10. Beth casually eating chocolate is such a power move

  11. None of Anya's mastery would be as significant without Isla Johnson.

  12. This looked like a fucking gang bang for a second there…

  13. Alma Guapa - Sailboat live aboard epiphany says:

    Amazing series. Story telling and filming, early 60’s set, clothing and decor styles add to the mystical aspect, slow camera angles and shots let us float and wonder, discovery of one’s incredible intellect, social & sexual interactions, and mental health make this journey wilder.

  14. I played in chess tournaments in the decade before Fischer won the world championship and it was very much as depicted in the series. Like Beth, I took Russian courses so I could read the Russian chess magazines. It's a miracle i graduated high school because I'd be sitting very attentively in class while the teacher was lecturing but I'd be visualizing chess moves and games in my mind. I stopped playing in my senior year of college in 1970 but played in one last tournament in 1975 at the Harvest Open in Providence, Rhode Island. It was the only tournament in which I won first place (tied with a young mathematician).
    This series captures it all, the mood of the times, what it was like start playing in tournaments, trying to get up the 50 cents to buy a copy of Chess Life magazine and running to the library to read chess books. The mood, the Weltanschuang, to use a fancy word, what the exuberance and the dreams of the 1960's were all about, it's in that series for any person, sociologist or otherwise, to watch and get some semblance of understanding from where we, of that generation, came.

  15. They lined them all up for her like pigs for slaughter

  16. You can increase difficulty to play blindfold , its very intersting

  17. This show is just another Feminist/Misandrist production where Women are trying to prove they are equal or better than Men, by bashing Men. You look at most of the productions of the last 30 years and it's all you see anymore. They think they are changing human culture in some positive way. However, positive culture is not created through hate, shame, victimhood, racial competition, or sexual competition. Bullies do the same. Women have become bullies, and they don't even realize it, yet they are proud of it. Why do you think they are all going insane?… They have even left behind any moral semblance of character.

  18. not sure what the big deal is, I could easily play twelve players at once. I wouldn't take an hour and twenty minutes either. I figure against top notch players maybe twenty five minutes and I will have lost all twelve games.

  19. Presenta tutta la mia cronologia storica metafisica e storica di gestione

  20. This is what is going on right now—

    Just so that YOU KNOW 🧠



  21. when i was her age i was at home playing minecraft

    wow how pathetic i am

  22. This looks like a good movie. I think I'll watch it.

  23. It's heartbreaking how the reporters didn't publish Beth's acknowledgement of Mr. Shaibel in their interviews.

  24. Play with me …i can surely give better chalange than the game .

  25. Don’t want to be mean but someone has to say it, that haircut isn’t working

  26. Im just sad that Harmon never came back to visit the old staff guy who taught her chess until he died.

  27. It was really a heart breaking scene in the series final episode when she visits orphanage to attend Mr Shaibel funeral and found her wall of fame in the basement. It is the first time in the series when she breakdown in the car.

  28. She is the complete opposite of Anne with an e

  29. Magnus carlsen enters on the room : hold my bear

  30. This is a great series and parallel Beth's life.

  31. This was the clip that made me watch the whole series in one night. Such a great show.

  32. Актриса настоящая красавица. История знает несколько выдающихся женщин-шахматисток, и все они были страшноваты. Нетфликс не осмелились показать героиню внешне непривлекательной или хотя бы реалистичной. Не знаю, были ли в США вопли по этому поводу

  33. this kid looks like they like berries and cream

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