Can I beat Magnus Carlsen if I cheat?

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  1. Wait a second, did he just not stare at the screen for a second at the beginning?

  2. How levy became so consistent in posting videos every day

  3. 3? Sounds easy, oh! the video lasts another 16 minutes

  4. Lavy failed to make education contests like before 😢

  5. "Levi is your videos click baity?" Levi: "obviously"

  6. Lwvy assuming the Magnus bot's gender by calling it him

  7. I was playing this verse a bot so its okay.

    Me: looking at my fellow 400's.

  8. I never fail to include Magnus in my comment

  9. next time you should do one with only allowing yourself to look at the eval a couple times!

  10. This was one of my favorite videos. I really like when you analyze your own games. I feel like I learn a lot

  11. Honestly i’ll never care to try to be better at chess but it is such a satisfying experience to watch. Stock fish is literally a learning process for more than just chess. For reference it told you to bring your queen back to play passive aggressive when you wanted to push forward, that’s a pretty damn good way to say, calm down an just take it slow 😂 The human brain never wants to slow down when they’re on the attack. Very tactical moves from the bot 🤖

  12. Played sleeping magnus when it was 200, and it was hard enough, then for somw reason 400 sleeping magnus was easier – what a sorcery do they do there, lol

  13. I seen this video three times not watching it once but seeing its name change 3 times

  14. I’m noticing that levy often renames his videos shortly after upload. Does this affect the algorithm in some way ?

  15. I will never understand the difference between Levy and the top 10
    The computers make every look like clowns including Magnus

  16. Why does it not bother me at all how click baity your Viedeos are.
    Like i expect it by no so much so to be disapointed to acctually watch what has been promised

  17. "And is supported by basically ANY type of device known to humans!"

    Me : Going to my oldest gameboy.

  18. Only real ones know this video has had three different titles in the last couple hours.

  19. Sense he’s the best im in the world he’s gm level as Gothamfish

  20. "Finally, I* managed to win" * – with four stockfish consultations. 🙂

  21. Levy : I can't lose here
    Also levy after two minutes : here I panicked

  22. I love when i see your youtube title and an hour later I see you change it, im assuming cause the algorithm didn't like the first one.

  23. magnus never fails to include levy in his vids

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