Can I beat Magnus Carlsen if I cheat?

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  1. I put the engine on and played a custom game against The Magni. I won

  2. Its fun to watch magnus in 2X speed

  3. My 6 yo brother (who barely knows how to play chess) beat all the magnus bots by accident, I swear on my life I'm not lying

  4. I beat the Magni on assisted. I started with the Pirc opening, which is a very passive but well-defended position, and it was normal but with a lot of knight shuffling until the bot overextended slightly.

  5. similar video playing against bots with the evaluation bar would be interesting also

  6. Kramnik finds this content… "interesting".

  7. Alternate title: Can (nerfed) stockfish beat stockfish if I only use stockfish sometimes against stockfish

  8. I can beat sleeping magnus with no hints. And that’s about as good as it gets. 😂

  9. The trick is to play a few inaccuracies and then play on 16 depth

  10. dude renamed the video three times 💀💀

  11. your cheating wrong then, not to mention cheating against peers isnt the same as cheating against magnus

  12. How about 1 Stockfish hint every 10-15 moves?

  13. Y’all are saying he always posts Magnus which is true, but, it is “mAGnuS mOntH”

  14. I commend your restraint for not simply titling the video "I BEAT MAGNUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  15. just remember stuckfish is on another level

  16. I'd let Levy mate me on the backranks with his rook 😼

  17. This is actually a very interesting case study into how a strong player can become extremely strong by just taking a few suggestions from the engine

  18. So it takes 4 hints for an IM to beat best player- interesting

  19. I can't wait for krammnik to see this video

  20. I won't watch the video because I already know the answer and the answer is no. Must be another Magnus AI bot or something and Levy is just clickbaiting again. I bet he couldn't beat the real Magnus even with stockfish.

  21. Edging up on 1300 now after getting back into chess, I just bought your book! Hope I learn a lot from it, but in any case happy to support you after all those hours of entertainment 🙂

  22. Bro this Gotham guy is good at chess he should play in tournaments one day

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