GothamChess Answers Tough Questions in Game of Lie Detector Chess

How much money does @GothamChess make a year? Does he like Andrea Botez?! We put GothamChess under a lie detector to REALLY see what he’s thinking!

Produced by Chandler Toffa
Shot by Andrew Ventura
Polygraph Test Administrated By David Robbins
Edited by Vladimir Isaenko

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  1. How to be single in 5 minutes, Gothamchess way.

  2. Honestly refreshing to see two men speaking from the heart, so much better than bottling it up and acting toxic

  3. Lie detectors do not work. Each person's physiology and psychology are too separated for there to be any consistency or reliability.

    They are not admissable in court because they do not work.

    The man who invented them said as much, and was concerned about them being involved in any legal/criminal settings, because they do not work.

  4. The reason lie detector machines look so old is unfortunately because they are basically pseudoscience BS. They haven't been admissible as evidence in courts for decades and the technology isn't being invested in anymore.

  5. politicians should always have a lie detector hooked up to them whenever they’re talking.

  6. That fact that Levy had to say "I don't think so" when asked if he's made $10 mill but couldn't say definitively 💰

  7. This is amazing content. You guys are brave for doing this. So entertaining!

  8. this was great i like the social of chess branching with content creation. makes it alot more fun and this can divulge into alot of reels to outreach.

  9. We need a magnus hikaru version of this (i have no clue how you will pull it off)

  10. Omg please do this with Magnus and Hikaru. This was great and so wholesome.

  11. Greatest chess content I'll ever here like you just listening to the podcast

  12. – "Could it be because you don't want him to know that you have a friend who pees in the shower?!"

  13. That was extremely wholesome. Thank you guys.

  14. Was cute but lame. Was expecting much harder questions

  15. omg why does this guy sound exactly like james strieb from linus tech tips 😮

  16. Finally saw a video in which didn't take Magnus's name for 2:17 minutes. That was incredible….

  17. Aren't there digital versions of those things or is wasting a bunch of paper always part of it?

  18. When he said competing chess company, he meant Lichess.

  19. 2 of my favorite chess people. I also like Jan and Leko a lot

  20. Finally an interview youtube did not recommend me after 5 yrs!

  21. Finally an interview youtube did not recommend me after 5 yrs!

  22. Now do it again, but this time use the punishment lie detector, that zaps each time someone's lie

  23. In recent videos Levy seen wearing Gucci sweater……..!!

  24. Levy not made $10 mil USD yet……But within few months he will.

  25. I would've not watched it if they didn't talk about money lol

  26. Like Andrea Botez………..?? Levy is cooked, Lucy is waiting…………!!

  27. Great step in the right direction. The camera work, lighting, chefs kiss. Honestly I think the honesty helped me this a reality!

  28. What a great, wholesome finish to the video. Excellent stuff.

  29. This gotham dork is way too in love with himself.

  30. Wow and wow. Fantastic!

    1. Levy is majestic.
    2. Danny, your whole team is awesome. Levy couldnt have said it better: they are stepped on giant's shoulders. That is the price you pay to dream and reach big.
    3. Danya is the best commentator.


  31. Why do all lie detectors look like they were manufactured in 1975?

  32. Please make this a podcast, these guys would be great

  33. I can understand Gotham in this or somebody else. But why that other guy?

  34. Really good video. I'm impressed. Most people don't like to be put in vulnerable positions like this but you guys both handled it with grace humor and with some humility. You are my favorite chess content creator and I just bought my nephew your book for Christmas who is 13. 10/10 I wish you nothing but the best in your careers. Cheers.

  35. Am I the only one who relates to stealing Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as a kid? I only did it a few times but now I feel better about it. Thanks Levy

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