CHESS DRAMA – Hikaru and Nepo!!

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  1. Hikaru you haven’t 100% proven you don’t cheat online so basically I watch your online you tube and don’t believe anything you do ? Your over the board form is crap

  2. Summary: Hikaru agrees with ~100% of what Nepo said.

  3. The system can’t capture the mass influx of millions of people entering the game!

  4. Hello little hiki. When a video about how hans destroyed you in the puzzle championship? You don't want to make a video about that? 🤣 He's proven a better tactician than you. And a legit one

  5. I liked the part where all players had to dress up in costumes and hobnob with organizers. Oh wait, that was just the top players MC and top female player.

  6. 13:53 – ah yeah right, like in the last candidates two players, one called Hikaru Nakamure and the other Ian Neponmiachtchi? 😀

  7. What’s the difference between this draw, And the one fob he had with Levon Aronian during last year’s US championship

  8. I just hate seeing this nepo, a sore loser!

  9. Wrestling matches in the lawn after drunken SuperGM blitz games are highly entertaining, wish there were more of those, only saw one – thumbs up for content like that 🙂 or for Hikaru to do commentary of each move , as the vid plays, would get a million views easy 🙂

  10. I don't like the Knights Dance. It's disrespectful to chess. It's not fun like the Bong Cloud.

  11. I really dont like how Hikaru says there are going to be draws in chess NO MATTER WHAT. If this is the case then the players should be able to agree to a draw at the start of the game and their first move of the game should be to place their king on the draw square. They shouldnt need to make any moves at all. I dont want them to have to memorize 10-20 moves of a famous draw line. The idea that you would make the players do that so that chess doesnt look "bad" is completely retarded (excuse my french). Here is the simplist solution. Dont allow draws… AT ALL!!!! If they players draw then they should simply go on to an armagedon match or whatever. Get rid of this people tieing for first and second crap. If ur going to play chess then ur either going to take the chances to win or not play. Agreeing to a draw of any kind what so ever IS match fixing. I dont care if its these knight moves or the players playing 3 moves of a drawing line… IT IS MATCH FIXING and shouldnt be allowed. Make the players play until there is a definitive winner between them. That or you need to accept that the players can just go to the arbiter and say they are going to take a draw and not even let them sit at the board. As a viewer… id really just rather not watch it at all. I dont want to watch them do what they did and I dont want to watch them play 3 moves in a drawing line. Id really rather them not even sit down at the board. Thats how I feel. People shouldnt be getting fined for something that is going to happen "no matter what." Having the draws go into armagedon or whatever is better and far more exciting for viewers. There should always just be a clear winner and then you never have to worry about players agreeing to a draw… which IS match fixing. Make it so they are ALWAYS competeing for positions in the tournament. It will never be adventagous for both players to take a draw because it will go to armagedon and there will be a winner NO MATTER WHAT.

  12. this guy has a lot of noise these days what is his problem

  13. They literally discussed about how they’d draw the game before hand… that’s the definition of match fixing

  14. Nepo's head on a skinny body amuses me far too much

  15. So Pineapple 🍍 shirts are IN the dress code?

  16. a pair of high level players who want to arrange a draw can easily make it obvious by moves on the board, with no prearrangement

  17. I saw Ian sipping a drink out of a coffee mug once. I went to ask him what he was drinking but thought it was weird and then choked on my own spit loudly; and he side eyed me really bad. I chose not to say anything at all

  18. I think if they penalize such games, they have to penalize all such games. The way they handled it in the future they will simply play some drawing lines in some kinda opening, which you as black are happy to accept against another very strong player.

  19. eh, what is nepo doing to that horse, or it to him? bit of an awkward thumbnail.

  20. Hi Hikaru,
    the problem is that the established interpretation of the Elo system is not correct while the system itself is. The reason for that is that mathematic models obviously only analyze retropective data that had been processed within the corresponding algorithm. Therefore, the interpretation "a player rated 800 points lower should basicly never achieve a draw or win" is an inaccurate simplification. Correctly, it should read "if a player is rated 800 points lower than the opponent, this player has a 0.??? chance of drawing or winning both players current strenght is displayed accurately." To achieve this, enough data must be available within the specific ELO-model. Additionally, both players must play on the level they have played before. Otherwise, the winning/drawing probabilities are biased.

    You are consequently correct that you cannot perfectly conclude about future winning probabilities based on an ELO rating. However, this has, in theory, always been the case. Yet, if professional players play otb continously on a constant strenght level, it works pretty decent. In the case of uprising players or players, that have little recent experience in one field (online vs otb) while a lot in the other, it is simply useless.

    Super GMs schould therefore be careful to accuse young players of cheating to avoid discrediting themselves later. Only if there is an absurd amount of 100% accuracy games (e.g. 5) this ciritque might be jusified.

  21. The barrier to cheating is much higher in OTB chess? It wasn't in the Niemann case. In fact, many went on to apply the type of analysis used in online chess to try to prove cheating, since there was no evidence of it in the OTB situation.

  22. Agreed draws should be allowed with no moves played. Problem solved.

  23. Dance of the knights is a classic 😂 why are they being sore about it.

  24. Millenials are having a hard time coping against these engine-learners. Youth will always prevail. Cheaters are more abundant than ever. Yes the rating system is broke in chess. the kid was probably 2500 to 2600 online equivalent. the new wave of kids in chess are all going to be closer to magnus than the current rotation of GMs. This is due to engines being so easy to access and why would someone play a 1500 or an 800 elo person when they can jump right in learning how a 4k elo engine plays? anyone who is smart wouldve jumped on engine learning as soon as it came out. I have no doubt magnus does. i have no doubt thats how Hans beat magnus. Hans got magnus into a line he memorized to no end. it caught magnus off guard. Magnus has the learning as a kid that he has forcibly started putting GMs into unpredictable lines because its how he keeps his edge. He brings you to the end game he wants. Were going to see a lot more millenial chess players dropping like flies.

  25. Hikaru, how do you justify your bongcloud draw with Magnus if you think that Nepo and Dubov should not have done the knight dance?

  26. When rick astley said "everything changes but you" he was on to something. Everything in the universe changes, which means everything on earth will change over time. Either you can accept inevitable change, or you can stay unchanged and hate things forever. It's literally a choice.

  27. When there was no law about the draw why they should even make it 0-0? If they are not happy they should have added a law for it. That was just unfair to act after they had done that already

  28. FIDE is just a joke. So corrupt and unprofessional.

  29. Ah yes, the famous quote from Jesus, "Let he who has never made a quick draw make the first comment on Twitter."

  30. Simplest solution: draw = 1 point, win = 3 points. Durr

  31. Draws should be allowed from move 1. Otherwise all you are doing is a little song and dance and then drawing. The fact that a song and dance is required is the silly part, not which dance they did.

  32. Then Hikaru plays this draw against Nepo in TT

  33. @2:50 : I agree that something is cooking behind the scene for the Elo…and many enjoyed pandemic period for improving in openings and middlegame in online chess.

  34. When you pay rather than score 0-0, it's a bit like pay to win. No thanks. Better get no points for it, money punishment is felt differently for different players anyway. Chess lose from pay to win.

  35. Them losing those points is fine imo, in what serious sport can two opponents decide on a draw like 5 seconds in or possibly before the game starts? I say ban all these deliberate draw openings but thats difficult.

  36. I agree with the ELO ratings after COVID. I played a 1600 OTB the other day and he played like a 2000 and beat me. People made huge progress during COVID break

  37. It’s all about intent, not about the moves played, any players going into a game with a pre arranged intent of drawing should be punished. How you prove if two players have pre arranged isn’t easy most of the time. But if the moves obviously indicate it or if players where overheard agreeing it (unlikely but possible), then those are examples of when arbiters should act. The sport has no credibility if we don’t penalise match fixing

  38. Its rare I say this, but Nepo has 3 W's here. FIDE needs to be overhauled.

  39. What if there just happened to be a new Chess invitational, that just happened to invite Anish, Wesley, Ian, Hikaru, Fabi, Vidit, Pragg, and Nijat? And what if the winner just happened to be invited to a 1v1 against Magnus? Wouldn't that be interesting…

  40. I thought the ELO system is a logarithmic scale in which a player is 10 times more likely to win against an opponent rated 400 points lower. If that's true, wouldn't an 800 point difference mean odds of 100 to 1 or 99% chance of winning.

  41. If the top 100 players decided to leave FIDE and make their own Association, FIDE would be over.

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