Carlsen’s Chess Is So Unique, It Leaves You Questioning Everything

Magnus Carlsen’s Chess Is So Unique, You Question Everything You Know About Chess. This is his epic chess game against Hikaru Nakamura in the Titled Tuesday Chess Tournament, Early, on Another exciting chess game between Hikaru and Magnus Carlsen as they vie for first place in the Titled Tuesday chess tournament.

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  1. You talk to much and you can not be followed you allover

  2. To be fair, Hikaru is always brave – he often does similar things against Magnus and is always willing to fight it out.

  3. It's like Magnus has set himself and his chess free after letting go of the world title in classical

  4. I would prefer a logical explanation instead of a misleading title and the all-too-common gushing about Magnus. It's a simple matter of overextending White's center as well as releasing the tension. As for Black's play, there were no pawn weaknesses nor immediate means of capitalizing on development delays [no levers, no sacrifices]. If you followed this advice, you'd enlighten people as to how to respond to black's play in the first few moves.

  5. I just played a couple games trying this out and you can surrender the center and instead build a wall on the left or right and effectively rotate the board you're playing on. This will throw off anyone playing from board-memory instead of seeing the board in front of them and current conventional wisdom is "everyone" plays from board-memory, especially in blitz.

  6. If you're considered a "professional" but don't ever question everything you have been taught and know in your profession, then you are no real professional. "Professionals" worldwide live in their boxes made so rigid and inadaptive in an ever-evolving world. The logic is real.This is why Magnus is a True Genius. He mastered the Generic way of playing chess, and instead of remaining stagnant. He chose to start playing outside of the generic box of "how-to-play-chess". Brilliant for everything and everyone to see what is possible when we just try to think outside-the-box. Be adaptable, Always.

  7. Magnus takes players far out of theory and preparedness

  8. Hikaru is a monster as well. Great turn around.

  9. That's why they call him "The Mozart of Chess." 👍🏻

  10. It’s as if Carlson is seeking challenge through disruption. Heightens his focus.

  11. if he do this to tal..tal will eat him alive

  12. I'm convinced Magnus just plays bad openings so he can have an actual challenge

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