Cheater vs. Cheater!

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0:00 Intro
2:10 Game 1
8:58 Game 2
16:05 Game 3

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  1. Now I wanna see a cheater tournament, but the catch is that nobody knows that everyone else is also a cheater.

  2. I see moves over the shoulder, but when I am playing, I clamp up and can't concentrate, even playing against a computer!

  3. why do these cheaters have such a high rating after 40 games, but when players do speedruns from 600 elo it takes many hours and many straight wins to achieve 2000+ ?

  4. cheating in a game thousands of years old is crazy 😭

  5. "Great Video Levi"
    Also won two games of chess earlier today because of your videos!
    You're a great resource!
    Keep it up, and thank you!!

  6. I love how its technically just 2 engines against each other which is boring in itself, but levy always turns copper into gold

  7. I don't understand what cheaters get form cheating chess at all

  8. I am a bit disappointed the thumb nail isnot spiderman meme

  9. Pro tip : If you cheat , don't play Gotham , he'll snitch.

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