Cheater vs. Cheater!

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0:00 Intro
2:10 Game 1
8:58 Game 2
16:05 Game 3

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  1. Now I wanna see a cheater tournament, but the catch is that nobody knows that everyone else is also a cheater.

  2. I see moves over the shoulder, but when I am playing, I clamp up and can't concentrate, even playing against a computer!

  3. why do these cheaters have such a high rating after 40 games, but when players do speedruns from 600 elo it takes many hours and many straight wins to achieve 2000+ ?

  4. cheating in a game thousands of years old is crazy 😭

  5. "Great Video Levi"
    Also won two games of chess earlier today because of your videos!
    You're a great resource!
    Keep it up, and thank you!!

  6. I love how its technically just 2 engines against each other which is boring in itself, but levy always turns copper into gold

  7. I don't understand what cheaters get form cheating chess at all

  8. I am a bit disappointed the thumb nail isnot spiderman meme

  9. Pro tip : If you cheat , don't play Gotham , he'll snitch.

  10. I love that kind of content. Get sh*t on losers!

  11. 19:41 bro your bot is stockfish probably like 14 and it isnt even as good as black's computer it looks like, litterly black's engine is 3300 like its better than Magnus at this point man xd. (no offence to Magnus btw)

  12. Day 2: Levy you are an absolutely incredible teacher and the ONLY reason I have gained 200 elo in the past week is because I watch your videos, thank you so much 🙏

  13. I’m on my way to 2000 rapid elo right now I’m at 1850 and I’m scared to go against you when i get to 2500+ elo

  14. No stare today? Never thought I'd see that.

  15. How can they cheat if they play in 1 second ?

  16. Levy is so entertaining I really watched the whole sponsor💀

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