REYKJAVIK OPEN – ROUND 5 | Hosted by GM Pia Cramling

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Great game, so stressed at the end with the clock issues. But it was a draw pretty much since the beginning. GO ANNA and love you Pia, chat, the producers and mods (🐐). 👍 and SUB.

  2. Congrats. The speed Pia speaks is amazing. I'm used to hear other commentators, but hearing Pia at that pace for hours is surprising! Anna had to have a challenging infancy with all the data coming at such velocity, am I right? 🤣

  3. No one forfeited & played until the very end. Nice!

  4. Anna should have taken the bishop on h3 and wins f white plays g5 bishop takes g5 f white plays a6 bishop e3

  5. Rooting for Anna, coming for the great commentary

  6. Ana, en partidas como ésta,.es en las que se crece como ajedrecista….has estado bajo presión mucho tiempo y has calculado muy bien…. enhorabuena!!!!Enhorabuena PÍA, aprendemos un montón escuchando tus explicaciones Top….

  7. QB and R each they should agree a draw and go home for a rest.

  8. Why doesn't her mother go for a cuppa it isn't the World Championship….?

  9. The commentary shouldn't appear on the screen it is mostly drivel….

  10. Her moving the pieces around is really annoying and spoils things. A few comments. Everyone could set the position up on their own computers. But it is better to try to work out (the spectators) the moves for ourselves…Anna moves too slowly. Time management is a major factor in chess….

  11. Why doesnt the German bloke get up and walk around a bit….rocking back and forwards is just nerves….the position is about = where I am seeing it….(the game is over but I chose to watch it later than the game). Pia should just make some comments ….. on a separate board! …. but otherwise limit commentary to a few moves and then stop and let the game go on…

  12. Some one can explain me please why at the end video clock chees time anna its at 0 :00 ¿¿ ??

  13. Pia's commentary is terrible she needs to be coached as to how to present and allow those watching to at least watch in silence. We should want to figure things out ourselves. Pia is clearly obsessed it is bad for her health….she comments on every move as if the world depended on it and it is really distracting. Adding to that she moves around and so does the Jerry who is nervous also but Pia needs to be a bit more laid back…

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