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  1. Proud to say that I pushed the 69th GTE to 6.9k likes 👍👍

  2. Man, I'm 900 elo, where are all the players from the 3rd game haha.

  3. Re6 was WILD!!! Having dinner, I almost had a breakdown over the table

  4. game one: I'm going for a clean 1000 because as a 1600 I never miss the Queen move at 7:03

  5. casual chess today for free had me rollin ahah guys really tryna promote events in gothams stream ahah

  6. Isn't it easy for 2 people just to agree on moves to make it a crazy game to send you on purpose?

  7. Iv given up on playing chess. I mean, how many losses can one endure 😅 it's like losing the war and then having every soldier march over your beaten head in the mud ..

    Yet- I really enjoy watching Gotham chess

  8. Someone finally showed Gotham how good we are. 700 sand below!

  9. yes, it's been a while. and episode 69; my favourite number! (that's when I was born. what did you think I meant? smh)

  10. I always thought levy was a little rude to the steam chat but I was wrong. They love that stuff. He’s just a people pleaser

  11. GTE is the one series I never miss. As interesting as the recaps and the "How to Lose at Chess" and all those others ones are, GTE is on another level. Can't wait for #100

  12. We should just stop here. Episode 69 is perfect.

  13. Can you mention what time control these games are more often? That has a huge effect on guessing the ELO

  14. That one guy that said you looked before hand just blew the case wide open lol

  15. I really feels bad for you because all of those bad messages in your stream
    You’re an awesome person, me and my fiancée learned a lot from your chess lessons, keep your good work thank you for your vibes and awesome videos ❤

  16. Deserves a like for the number of guess the elo 🐳

  17. Levy has two sides..

    Bots dont know anything.


    Me as a spectator lower rated 1000 points (stockfish rated 3700)

  18. and the guy that got banned sacrificed – HIS ACCOUNT!!!!!!

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