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  1. why don't tou cover global chess league?

  2. ''69 is universally accepted'' Meanwhile Turkiye:-clears throat- 3 1!

  3. Gotham banning people and guessing elos at the same time. Best chess video ever created

  4. The enjoyment when you see guess the elo pop off in the youtube recommendations…

  5. 12:13 I was travelling on a train, I literally cried from laughter as I was trying to hold back a scream

  6. 7:20 gotham how is this checkmate, he can play king h1 and the knight blocks queen g2

  7. Im crying and cracking my ass off for over 10 minutes, Thid is the best gte ever 😭

  8. Bro that poor guy got banned😢 saying "loser"

  9. And the roller coaster ride begins😂😂😂

  10. This is the best content you got brother,,keep em coming,,there is alot of laughs,kills,captures, and some floor mopping with a slow opponent's a$$ on the 64 squares..

  11. @GothamChess, this guy has simply no friend

  12. Man at this point I just think I should quit chess… I am stuck at 1200 for soo long now

  13. Waiting for the 420th Guess the elo. What a great series!

  14. Cover the Techmahindra bisay and mugnus

  15. 24:58 did anybody notice the almost perfect circle at the left side of the chessboard? Couldn't focus on the game because of it. 😆

  16. Episode 69 with one of the weirdest checkmates we've witnessed

  17. I'd say that second one was pretty reasonable, when it comes to 1300-1500s they're able to find crazy moves in the middle and endgame while not knowing a lot of theory so their opening would be sloppy a lot of times

  18. Almost 4 million subscribers is crazy, good job

  19. I learned so much watching this. Everything in this video was… GANGSTER!

  20. Did anyone else see that stock fish at the end of da 1st game said after king h1 how the heck is bishop g4 a check? I must be smarter then a robot. Nv, its a discovered check sry stockfish

  21. I love how Gotham explains that 69 is the universality accepted nice number

  22. levy just made my day for the 69th time

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