Chess Player Won’t Stop Trash Talking…So I Destroy Him

I played Drew over at @CoffeeChess and he got a little too confident, so I had to show him what I got 🙂 hope you enjoy the video and thank you so much for watching!!

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  1. That was the BEST CHECKMATE Ive seen on Coffee Chess !!! Anna is my absolute favorite chess streamer !!

  2. Anna is the girl I was searching for when I was her age. So intelligent, humble, humor and gorgeous looking. Oh yeah and lovely parents!

  3. You r not gonna post the loss vs butcher guy?
    It was entertaining and you both got some chemistry do videos together

  4. She def grabbed her bag for this one😆 beautiful checkmate indeed. Biggest smile she had out of the whole game.

  5. Anna gettin kinda edgy 👧👀🤓
    Still l smilin away 😊

  6. That was an amazing check mate I did not see coming! Very nice Anna

  7. Beautiful. Just beautiful. The checkmate wasn't bad either. 😉

  8. that was so much fun to watch! I'm sure Anna learned that from Pia!

  9. crowd cheering and OHHHHing was the best

  10. Holy shit probably one the best checkmates I've seen on this channel. If your not creating art are you really playing chess. Anna made a work of art!

  11. She said she was gonna bring her A game and she did

  12. 3 min, black and white were equilibrated, i am not a chess master but for me the good continuation for the white pieces, the logic move is knight c3 to a4 chasing the queen, the good continuation for black for me after knight c3 to a4 it's the move queen b6 to a5 attacking the knight in a4 and suggesting to exchange the queen, the queen in a5 can't come back to e8 or c7 it's too passive, the white pieces will have initiatives will have the column "C" open in playing rook a1 to c1if the black queen plays on the c7 square, the knight to c6 is pin, the rook does a face to face with the queen, if short castle for black knight a4 to c5 it's a solid move, now if the queen come back in e8 samething white have the initiatives with rook a1 to c1 if the knight to c6 moves somewhere on the board, rook takes rook, queen takes rook and rook f1 to c1 attacking the queen, if you stop the video to 3 minutes spend time for a few reflexion for me the good moves are knight c3 to a4, queen b6 to a5, queen takes queen, knight c6 takes queen in a5, rook a1 to c1, short castle for black and that's ok noone has got the "column C" and the game continue after the mistake from white knight f3 to h4, after the good move knight c6 takes d4 if i can do this joke 😀 XD he could save the copboard with the simple move king g1 to h1

  13. What is it about a smothered mate that is so satisfying?

  14. You gotta love the whole Coffe Chess crew going nuts over the mate from Anna.
    Great stuff!

  15. This is such an incredible checkmate ggs anna

  16. damn good lesson to him. being humble is free, he could do better.

  17. Nicely done Anna! Think you can justifiably be proud of yourself with that!

  18. Did anyone else notice that sus move at 0.45

  19. Sweeeeet ending! Well done, and great video! ❤️

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