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  1. Bobby Fischer became the best the fastest and easiest, Gary Kasparov had staying power. Decide for yourself what best is.

  2. Boby Fischer was for short time, true, but becose of his mental problems

  3. Bobby, by a mile, shame he went crazy and died in obscurity

  4. I think you forgot all of those father vishi be Ananda

  5. Just wait until Mikhail Tal gives his Queen away for free

  6. nahhhh it's frank "the tank" woodly (why does that sound like a wwe superstar name lol)

  7. Bobby Fischer was probably the best player ever at his peak but man he thought the Jews were out to get him

  8. I don't think that bobby is even close to there level

  9. "3 years ago prob magnus" Hello, I'm Ding Liren and he is Frank

  10. 3 years from now Frank is gonna transcend above stockfish

  11. I’ll be the goat in tree years you guys watch (I’m 267 who loses to Martin) but that doesn’t matter does it?

  12. “3 Years from now, probably Magnus”
    Bro just premoved his opinion

  13. On the contrary, in 3 years from now the gap between Kasparov and Carlsen will increase (not decrease), since Carlsen's tournament wins percent will decrease compared to his peak, and he won't be WC as well.

  14. “3 years from now I’d probably say Magnus Carlsen”
    “Magnus Carlsen is in the midst of his reign”

    Ding has entered the chat

  15. Fisher crying in the corner Nah but fr, why is Fusher hyped soo much. I mean yes he is great, but I dont really see how his influence is as big as Magnus or Kasparov.

  16. Frank will prob cheek hia way out of the world champion

  17. Yze and Mommy unboxing videoswith travel says:

    What about you (you teached us how to checkmate in different ways)

  18. didn't Magnus Carlson beat Gary Kasparov when he was 12 or something?

  19. 3 years later:Who's the greatest chess player of all time it's Frank the tank

  20. i love this version of the wii shop channel playing the back lmao

  21. It actually depends on what you call 'greatness'
    Reign – Kasparov.
    Dominance – Bobby.
    Skill – Magnus.

    As in ufc
    Reign- JJ
    Dominance – Khabib
    Skill – DJ

  22. But garry is the most hated chess player of all time

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