Chess Pro vs. 100 Google Engineers


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  1. goatmmcheese played against 100 google-ers and they didnt even google the best move

  2. I played a game yesterday and opened with d4 and Bf4; my opponent countered with d6 and e5.
    It was a London/Englund.

  3. Crazy how all three players, including an NM, blundered the way they did. It really does seem like players don't get stronger, their opponents just get weaker.

  4. Levy never fails to be called GothamCheese

  5. 100/100+ Google engineers?
    Maybe one hundred plus negative ninety-seven…
    Levy's math is as bad as Kramnik's .

  6. Bf5 in the scandinavian.. well its a stockfish move

  7. The 1900 really doesn't know the openings, since that's what I do with my white bishop in Scandinavian as well.

  8. An International Master got 3/3 in a simul vs Google engineers. I think some of you may find this "interesting" 😂

  9. No shot that guy was 1900, he's worse than me

  10. The googlers forgot to google the best move 😂😂😂😂 Cheating scandal #3 would messed up Levy. They were too nice not to try to create another chess historical moment for Levy to analyse on.

  11. my guy will beat 3 google engineers at once and still say hes bad at chess

  12. I can't quite remember what I had for breakfast today, so, yeah, I'm impressed with your recall.

  13. Levy is so good at chess that he beat multiple 9000+ rated players! Amazing play!

  14. It boggles my mind that you didnt take the opportunity to film this 😂

  15. Love that Google can't spare a camera for a Youtuber guest doing a collaboration. They really seem hard-up for cash these days.

  16. Levi never fails to advertise his courses whenever he can

  17. I was hoping the final boss was going to be Demis Hassabis

  18. L+Bozo to those who bought his course full price

  19. First guy got hit with the bishop from x97

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