Hikaru accused of cheating AGAIN????

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  1. What was the suggested video by YouTube on Levy's stream of another of his uploads where he has the t-shirt over his face (eg at the 7:00 mark)? that looks fun!

  2. His YouTube recommendations on the side are “interesting”

  3. Maybe it is revenge for Hans? Hikaru was active commenting about Hans-Carlsen case so Kramnik decided to put some salt on Hikaru himself

  4. As a tennis and chess fan nearly spat my milk out after hearing Hikaru beat Djokovic

  5. So because hikaru is better than kramnik, kramnik thinks hikarus cheating… Make it make sense haha

  6. How can Kramnik say "I'm not specifically accusing Hikaru" and simultaneously create a petition to check Hikaru's games with a big picture of him on the petition

  7. Kramnik just casually destroying his reputation. He claims he wants everyone to be investigated yet he makes a petition to investigate just Hikaru for cheating? He is also a top player so shouldn't he be investigated too? What about Magnus? He's only calling Hikaru out on a wider scale to hide his suspicions and try to damage control. It's embarrassing

  8. So a tweet from Kramnik gets the hype and he's sure doing great in making most out of it. 'Interesting'

  9. What is it with Russians starting sht they can't follow through with?

  10. cheating also booming .they also evolving .they escape easily.

  11. 1. He is dumb…. this is a school-level math. A simple formula to calculate a probability. The most funny thing for me here is claiming a math degree, for the task that can be done by a scholar. Looks like, Vladimir missed school.

    2. Okay, you calculated probability. And what next? What is the limit you are considered to be a cheater? 89.65%?? Maybe 87.45%?

    3. What is a cheat name that helps to flag the opponent? When Hikaru loses (probably Kramnik did see he streams ) he just flags. And he can flag everybody.

  12. I don't think this is entirely personal. I believe a large chunk of this is the aftermath of the recent cheating scandals in high level chess. The apparent lack of control/security, the unwillingness to up the security and to make the cosequences for cheating more harsh leaves a vacuum for paranoia and all sort of hurt egos to fill it up. Chess needs a change…

  13. To those wondering "why would someone agree to be farmed?" For that 15 year old kid losing to someone rated hundreds of points above you results in very little elo loss because you're expected to get stomped. Maybe one or two points a game. But there are huge upsides. In exchange for losing like 50-80 elo he gets to play like 40 games against the best player in the world in the format for priceless experience. And if he happens to win one he will get all that elo back. It makes perfect sense why both sides would want to play such a lopsided match-up.

  14. These accusations are good for content bad for chess. Even if many don't believe Vlad , it creates an element of doubt in people's mind. If you see anybody starts playing well the initial reaction will be is he)she winning fairly.

  15. Those calculated ELOs 7:38 could be from the formula for win probability according to players ELO. In simplified form for evaluating probability in single game it is Ea = 1 / (1 + 10^([Rb – Ra]/400)), where Ea is probability of win of player A, Ra and Rb are ratings of player A and B. It somehow matches those calculated ELOs and works for "infinity ELO", as probability goes to 100% (55 of 55 games), rating of player A goes to infinity.

  16. If anything Hikaru should be drug tested

  17. Kramnik knew that Levy needs Christmas bonus. This is a goldmine 🙂

  18. Hikaru should challenge this guy to chess boxing.

  19. Levy “ I don’t know these numbers. they look quite convincing and they could be completely nonsense” 😂💔

  20. Kramnik is really asking for people's statistics qualifications when he's just pulling numbers out of his ass 😭

  21. Yo gotham I want you to vs me and try to guess my elo (Video idea)

  22. Levy, wasn't your college major data science? Aren't you and your wife data scientists?

  23. All of this drama is well and good but I want to know is the model of Rubik's cube Levy is rocking back there and what his average time is 👀🤣.

    But yeah this is absolutely nuts. It's the fact that he's talking out of both sides of his mouth for me. "I'm not accusing him of cheating…" Uh, yes you are. And you know it.

  24. Im no expert mathematician , but i do know this if you increase the sample space large enough i.e. the number of games whatever the events you would consider has lower odds or be difficult to pull off become easy to do , I can imagine with Hikaru playing a monumental number of games , those odds would ultimately become no big of a deal. Thank you Levy

  25. It’s so funny to see Hikaru get caught up in the same type of baseless accusations he’s cast on other players. It’s wrong what Kramnik is doing but I don’t really feel bad for Hikaru.

  26. When I play 5 games and win all of them my rating is infinite. Yes I am the best chess player of all time.

  27. Kramnik owes Hikaru apology, If the examination takes place.

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