Chess VS My Ex, Loser Gets a Tattoo

Alexandra’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Hansen, who also happens to be a chess grandmaster, stops by her house for a blitz match with some extremely high stakes. Trash talk, slapping each other and different dares are all part of the match, but at the end only one of them will walk away with a tattoo of their ex’s name on their body.
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  1. Alt Title: Alexandra gets a Tattoo, Eric Hansen gets abused for 15 minutes.


  2. Bro shotgunned that shit from the wrong side of the can 💀

  3. As a man I got a lil Defensive for him weave bro weave then 🤜 Fight back lol 😂2:10 2:44 that’s a Top G move

  4. No one in the comments:

    That friend zone hug-pat on the back 😂

  5. Alex is a godess and she knows it! Stinky garlic breath and all!

  6. I see you are competing with Andrea for the classiest chess content

  7. daaam that slap was Preety hard hahaha 😅😅

  8. Alex wins- permanent restraining order

    Eric wins- tattoo is permanent on Alex

  9. These two should marry or not and have awesome children.

  10. How tf are u allowed to slap him imagine him doing that to u not good at all

  11. Can you imagine if he did that to her? The world would have collapsed

  12. "Nobody needs to know"
    Puts it on the internet

  13. Later that day, Eric got a call from Chris Rock

  14. Arata misto tatuajul cu eric scris pe spatele Alexandrei,

  15. That's ur ex??!… I guess, looks don't matter much to u

  16. He repeatedly cheated the timer! Hopefully that's all the cheating he does…

  17. The relationship was definately toxic! And she was the dom for sure!

  18. Is it domestic violence if you are no longer dating?

  19. I guess he way higher rate then u by a lot I don’t know who he is guess he a good player but thought u win this especially with the time difference 😅

  20. bro is a champ he took the slap came back stronger and made her get a tattoo this guy the the bomb man

  21. "your a chess player your not a bad boy" lmfao

  22. Where is the rematch?? Eric is nice, you are fun together!

  23. I can’t believe Alexandra ever even considered dating Eric … seriously you can easily easily do so much better girl.

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